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Glasgow LEZ: A complete guide

Last updated January 12, 2024

Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was implemented to improve air quality within the city – and help Scotland achieve its net zero emissions target by 2045.

In June 2023, Glasgow became the first Scottish city to start issuing penalty charge notices (PCNs) to non-compliant drivers travelling within its LEZ. (The other Scottish LEZs [based in Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh] will follow suit when their grace periods end on 1st June 2024.)

In this complete guide, we will cover where and when the Glasgow LEZ operates, which vehicles are affected – and which are exempt. We’ll also explain your options for selling a non-compliant car – and clarify the differences between London and Scotland’s LEZs.

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When did Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone launch?

The Glasgow LEZ was launched on 31st May 2022. However, PCN enforcement did not begin until 1st June 2023.

Where and when is the Glasgow LEZ in operation?

The Glasgow LEZ operates where the M8 meets the River Clyde. The High Street and Saltmarket make up the other boundaries. It is in operation 24 hours a day, all year round.

ANPR cameras placed within the Glasgow LEZ detect non-compliant vehicles. If you enter the zone in a non-compliant vehicle, you will receive a £60 PCN (with the fine increasing for each subsequent offence to a maximum of £480).

Glasgow LEZ map

The map below shows where the Glasgow LEZ operates:

Glasgow LEZ Map

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Which vehicles can be charged within the Glasgow LEZ?

The table below outlines which vehicles can be charged within the Glasgow LEZ and the standards they must meet to avoid penalties:

Vehicle type

Minimum LEZ compliance standard

Vans, minibuses, taxis, private hire vehicles, cars

Euro 4 (petrol engine) and Euro 6 (diesel engine)

Buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)

Euro VI

Ultra-low emission vehicles (fully electric vehicles)

Automatically compliant

Are there any exemptions from Glasgow LEZ charges?

The following vehicles are exempt from the Glasgow LEZ charges, regardless of their emissions levels:

  • Mopeds.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Disabled tax class or disabled passenger tax class vehicles.
  • Police vehicles.
  • Registered Showman’s vehicles.
  • His Majesty’s Coastguard.
  • Emergency service vehicles.
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue vehicles.
  • Military vehicles.
  • Registered historic vehicles (with classic car tax exemption).

Residents within the Glasgow LEZ (and just outside it) can apply for a resident’s grace period.

If you feel as though you are in exceptional circumstances, you can apply for a one-year grace period from Glasgow LEZ charges on the local government’s website.

Locals who don’t live or work in the chargeable area (but need to travel within it in a non-compliant car or van that they can’t replace) may find this useful.

Penalties for non-compliant vehicles


Amount payable


£60 (halved to £30 when paid within 14 days)





4th (and beyond)


Has enforcement for the Glasgow LEZ began?

Yes, the Glasgow LEZ rules have been enforced since 1st June 2023. Almost 3,000 PCNs were issued during the first month of operation.

What vehicles are LEZ compliant?

  • Typically speaking, most new petrol and diesel vehicles are compliant with the Euro 4 and Euro 6 standards, which are required by Glasgow’s LEZ.
  • However, you should check before travelling to avoid facing an unexpected penalty.
  • From 2006 onwards, all petrol engines have met Euro 4 standards - and virtually all cars produced after 2015 are Euro 6 compliant.
  • You can check whether your car is compliant using Low Emission Zones Scotland’s vehicle checker.
  • If your car does not meet the minimum standards, it may be the right time to sell your car and make the switch to a more economical model such as a hybrid or electric car.

What are my options for selling a non-compliant car?

  • Sell your car privately

    You can sell your car privately by creating listings on car advertising websites.

    If you choose this approach, be prepared to take time out of your schedule to arrange viewings and test drives.

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  • Sell your car to a dealership

    You may be able to sell your non-compliant car at your local dealership. Just be aware that some dealers may not be interested in buying older models.

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Low Emission Zone support fund

Scotland launched a Low Emission Zone support fund in 2021. (£8 million was allocated for grants.)

Grants are given to residents and small businesses within 20km of a Scottish LEZ who can’t afford to upgrade their vehicles.

Scottish LEZs vs London’s Low Emission zone – What are the differences?

  • The Scottish LEZ requirements apply to cars, whereas in London, they do not.
  • The minimum emissions requirements for cars travelling within Scottish LEZs are the same as those for London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone).
  • In Scotland’s LEZs, non-compliant vehicles cannot travel within the designated zones at all and will be issued PCNs if caught doing so.
  • In London’s LEZ, non-compliant vehicles can travel within the designated area, but must pay daily charges if they do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are different sets of requirements for the Scottish and London LEZs. For instance, cars are not subject to London’s LEZ charges, regardless of their emissions levels. However, in Scotland, non-compliant cars cannot travel within LEZs at all – and will face PCNs if caught doing so.

From the 1st June 2023, the LEZ was implemented in Glasgow. However, zone residents have until June 2024 to comply.

Glasgow Council predicted that 10% of all vehicles would be affected.

There are also LEZs in Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. All Scottish LEZs have the same emissions criteria.

You cannot pay to enter a Scottish LEZ. If you drive a non-compliant vehicle into the Glasgow LEZ, you will be issued with a PCN for £60 (increased for each subsequent offence to a maximum of £480).