Does Bradford have a Clean Air Zone?

Last updated October 5th, 2023

Yes, Bradford has a Clean Air Zone (CAZ). Therefore, drivers of certain vehicles that fail to meet the minimum emissions standards (the same requirements used for ULEZ exemption) will be liable to pay daily charges should they travel within the designated area.

Much like London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Congestion Charge zone, Clean Air Zones were created to improve the air quality in high traffic areas.

In this guide, we will cover where Bradford’s CAZ is in operation, what constitutes a ‘Clean Air Zone’, which vehicles are liable for the charge, the fees that may apply – and the penalties for failing to pay.

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Where is the Bradford Clean Air Zone?

The Bradford CAZ includes the outer ring road and the area inside it - and also extends out along the Aire Valley corridor (Manningham Lane, Bradford Road and the Canal Road area) to include Shipley and Saltaire.

Breathe Better Bradford have created a map showing the CAZ area.

What is a ‘Clean Air Zone’?

The term ‘Clean Air Zone’ refers to an area where action is being taken to improve air quality (including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter). A Clean Air Zone may charge certain vehicles daily fees for travelling within the designated area.

The history of Clean Air Zones

In April 2015, an environmental group called ClientEarth won a Supreme Court ruling against the UK Government. As a result, ministers were ordered to devise a plan to reduce air pollution to fall within the legal limits as soon as possible.

However, ClientEarth deemed the plans they drew up to be insufficient – and took the Government back to the High Court in a Judicial Review and won once again. Following the case, the Government announced expanded plans for Clean Air Zones in UK cities.

Who has to pay the Clean Air Zone charge?

Each Clean Air Zone is assigned an alphabetical class (from A to D). This classification determines which vehicles will be liable to pay a daily fee if they fail to meet the minimum emissions standards.

As Bradford is a Class C+ Clean Air Zone, Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs), vans, minibuses, taxis, campervans and motorhomes will all be charged if they exceed the emission limits.

How much is the daily fee for the Bradford CAZ?

The following daily charges will apply to non-compliant vehicles travelling within the Bradford Clean Air Zone:

  • HGVs - £50 per day.
  • LGVs, vans and minibuses - £9 per day.
  • Taxis - £7 per day.
  • Campervans and motorhomes - £9 per day (up to 3.5 tonnes) or £50 per day (over 3.5 tonnes).

Please visit the Bradford Council website for a complete list of CAZ charges.

To find out whether your vehicle is exempt, use the Clean Air Zone Checker on the website.

When did the Bradford Clean Air Zone begin?

The Bradford Clean Air Zone was launched in September 2022 as air pollution had been a consistent issue within the city.

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM) levels had constantly exceeded the legal limits set by the EU. (These pollutants are normally created by road traffic.)

How long do you have to pay the Bradford Clean Air Zone fee?

You can pay the Clean Air Zone fee:

  • Up to 6 days before the day of your visit.
  • On the day of your visit.
  • Up to 6 days after the day of your visit.

Please note: A 'day' is classified as midnight to midnight here. It is not 24 hours from when you enter the zone.

What vehicles are exempt from the Bradford Clean Air Zone charge?

If you own a private car or motorbike, you are exempt from paying the Clean Air Zone charge. (Other vehicle types that meet the required emissions standards are also exempt.)

How do I pay the Bradford Clean Air Zone charge?

You can pay the Bradford Clean Air Zone charge via the website – or by calling the National Contact Centre on 0300 029 8888 (8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-4pm Saturday).

What happens if I don’t pay the Bradford CAZ charge?

If you don’t pay the Bradford CAZ charge within the payment window, you will receive a penalty charge in addition to the road user charge.

How much is the fine for the Bradford Clean Air Zone?

The fine for failing to pay the Bradford CAZ fee is £120 (in addition to the applicable road user charge).