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If you’re considering selling your Hyundai or are simply looking for a free car valuation, you can do so both quickly and easily with webuyanycar.

Hyundai is a prominent brand in the UK, with models, such as the entry-level i10 city car and the i20 supermini becoming commonplace on our roads over the years. Whether you prefer the classic petrol and diesel engines, or the innovative hybrid engines, Hyundai is on top form with each performance type.

If you have one of these models and are considering selling the car, enter your number plate above to get a free and instant online car valuation.


What makes us trusted car buyers?


If you are thinking of selling your car and you want to sell to trusted car buyers, why not sell your car to a company with a 9.1 out of 10 rating on Trust Pilot? Webuyanycar is the UK’s number one online car buying service because we put ease and honesty first. You could get more money selling your car elsewhere, but you could also waste a lot of time through a long and stressful process. We boast how effortless our service is; we make it as simple, quick and hassle-free as possible.

You can get a no obligation, estimated valuation of your vehicle in under a minute. All you need to do is enter your number plate into our valuation calculator, answer a couple of questions and we will calculate your car’s value. On average, all of our locations are within 13 minutes of any destination in the UK, so once you have made an appointment you can be at the branch in no time at all. After an inspection from our team at the branch, they will offer you a more accurate valuation and you can sell there and then.


How can I sell my Hyundai?

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When you’re ready to sell your Hyundai, you can sell it much quicker than you may think with webuyanycar. Follow our quick guide and sell your car the stress-free way. Sell my Hyundai guide:

  • To begin, receive your free car valuation by entering your number plate into the online valuation tool. The car’s value will be calculated in under a minute.

  • Book an appointment at your local branch. With over 500 branches nationwide, there should be one convenient to your location.

  • One of our vehicle purchasers will greet you and value your car to offer a fair price.

  • Sell your car and you could receive the cash the same day.


Why should I sell my Hyundai?


The South Korean manufacturer produces a range of reliable and affordable family cars of all sizes. Whether you own Hyundai’s answer to the Ford Fiesta, the i20 or the large Sante Fe SUV, there comes a time when you should sell your car.

As a car ages, it is no longer as reliable as it used to be, whether it’s the engine, the suspension or the electricals that starts to fail, more money will need spending on it to keep your car on the road. Sometimes it is better to accept the inevitable and sell up before your car loses all its value.

If you feel like your car has seen better days and it could be time for an upgrade, enter your number plate into the tool above and get an instant, free valuation for your Hyundai.


Why does my car change value?


You’ve taken good care of your Hyundai over the past few years, only driven when it was necessary and had it regularly serviced, yet it still loses value. Why? Well, although keeping your car in a good condition will retain some of its value, depreciation is inevitable. One of the key factors for your vehicle to lose value is age and the main indicator of this is the plate change, which occurs every March and September.

The plate change refers to the release of the new numbers on registration plates to indicate the year a new car was manufactured. Age is an important factor in your car’s valuation due to how a car gradually deteriorates as it gets older. They become less responsive and less reliable, and therefore, cannot be worth as much.

Do you want to know how much value your car has left since you bought it? Get a free online car valuation today.


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