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BMW is known for its style and performance, ranging from its sleek saloons to luxury SUV offerings; there’s something for everyone. Each model is designed with a sporty elegance to boast the power that fills its engine while retaining an air of class and finesse. Whether you prefer the executive 5 Series or the smaller 1 Series hatchback, BMW provides a top-class driving experience, making it one of the UK’s most popular manufacturers to own.

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The BMW i8

BMW is at the top of its game with the innovative i8 supercar. Who would have thought an eco-friendly sports car was possible? But BMW’s plug-in hybrid model combines a sharp sporty style with a performance that will excite without producing excessive harm to the environment, emitting approximately 49g/km CO2. Alternative trim options are limited due to an already well-equipped standard spec, which means if you opt for the basic version, you will still be impressed by what the i8 has to offer.

Driving the BMW i8

The head-turning sports coupe has a 1.5 litre three-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor to make achieving 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds possible. The petrol-electric force not only benefits fuel consumption but also boosts the driving performance. While the front wheels are powered by electric motors and the back wheels are connected to the petrol engine, this balanced construction boasts a quick acceleration and handles tight bends superbly so the sports-car feel remains intact.

BMW i8 Interior

Just like the exterior, the interior style is striking with a modern, futuristic design full of character and quality materials. Complete with an array of technology, including the clever iDrive system, an impressive head-up display that highlights important information on the windscreen and an 8.8-inch screen, there’s no surprise the i8 comes with such a high price tag. If you prefer something unique, then BMW has incorporated it all with this dramatic model.

Owning the BMW i8

If you love the thrill of a sports car but care about the environment, then the BMW i8 brings together the best of both worlds. There aren’t many BMW i8’s on the road, making it a unique car to own, so you’ll stand out in the crowd. Similar to any sports car, the i8 is expensive to buy, but thanks to its fuel-efficient performance, its running costs are fairly low. Its limited practicality isn’t surprising, but when you opt for a sports car, driving performance trumps boot space any day.

Selling a BMW i8

Selling a BMW i8 can be a difficult decision to come to. The powerful speed and head-turning design are qualities that make this BMW model such a valuable car. Whether you are upgrading to a new supercar, or it’s time to opt for a practical family vehicle, giving up such a beautiful and unique car may not come easy.

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