The First to the Most Expensive: Fun Registration Plate Trivia


A new car registration plate is upon us once again, on the 1st September 2016 the 66 reg is released. So with that in mind we’ve been delving into the history of the UK registration plate and pulled out some pretty interesting trivia from the first plate registered to the most expensive…hey, it might come in useful at the pub quiz…!

  1. In 1903 the UK’s first registration numbers were issued.
  2. One of the UK’s first registrations, ‘A1’ was famously bought by Earl Russel. He made his butler queue outside the London County Council offices all night to acquire this number.
  3. The ‘A1’ registration plate has since become one of the most valuable personalised number plates in the country and currently belongs to the Sultan of Brunei’s brother Prince Jefri.
  4. Due to the booming – and unexpected – increase in UK motor vehicles, by 1932 the available numbers from the original format were running out and a new format was devised.
  5. During the 1950’s and 1960’s in some areas, the available registration numbers within this scheme started to run out. In those places, a reversed sequence was introduced.
  6. Our current system of registration started in 2001 and is expected to run until the end of February 2051.
  7. Number plates change twice a year – in March and September.
  8. There is a banned list of registration plates. DVLA censors meet twice a year to decide upon which plates are banned.
  9. Since the DVLA began selling and auctioning private plates in 1989, they’ve managed to flog 4.2 million in the UK alone.
  10. The world’s most expensive number plate ‘1’ is owned by Abdul Ghaffar Khouri from Abu Dhabi. Bought for £7million, Find out more of the UK’s most expensive registrations.


Top tip: if you want to sell your car, sell it before the next plate change. As soon as a new plate has been released your car will be another year older, and therefore, will lose more value. Get your car valued today!




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