Make The Most of Your Free Time, Just Like Phil

We don’t all enjoy the luxury of endless free time. Between cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, the school run, commuting, working and having some semblance of a social life, spare time is a bonus.

Even big man Phil is a busy guy who doesn’t have hours or even minutes to waste, but when he does he spends it by a lake stroking a ginger kitten called Spice. Because, we mean, what else could be as purifying for the soul?

So if you value your time, just like our inspiration Phillip Schofield, then we’ve rounded up just a few things you could do with all the extra hours you’ll have after selling your car with in under 60 minutes.

1. Model for a marble statue

Who can forget our iconic 14ft marble statue of Schofe? Well creations like that are only fashioned when there’s a willing model. If you have the body confidence and the ability to stand really still, then you’re half way there. You’ll need plenty of time and patience while an artist produces a marble carving of you but as you can see from Phil’s statue, the result is worth every single second.

2. Rescue local wildlife

If animals are your thing then there’s nothing more selfless then dedicating any spare time you have to the care and support of local wildlife. Take a leaf out of cat-rescuer extraordinaire, Phil’s book, and contact a local animal sanctuary or rescue centre to see if they’re accepting volunteers. Not only would the animals benefit from some TLC, but time with furry friends can be a real soul-soother. Dr Doolittle ain’t got nothing on you!

3. Hang out with the local mayor

You can’t be like Phil and be scared of heights – oh no, Phil’s way too macho for that. Like when he whizzed along a zip wire for the grand opening of a local library, to complete the job in the fastest way humanly possible. So get over those phobias and man up…because that’s what Phil would do.

4. Fundraise for a worthy cause

When Phil agreed to shave off his iconic silver hair he wasn’t just doing it for fun. Oh no, it was all part of a bigger cause – to help raise vital funds to restore the local church roof. Fundraising takes time and usually involves a challenge, which of course eats into free time…. But when you have more spare hours you’ll be able to support a charity you’ve always wanted to and climb that mountain, run that marathon or wax that hairy chest, all in the name of a good cause. What’s more, there’s no greater display of ‘Being More Phil’ than making a sacrifice like this.

We hope you feel Phil-spired by our free time suggestions and we’d love to hear if you’ve put any into practice.

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