What a guy. What a legend.

We love you Phil.


Our Spirit Animal!

At webuyanycar.com, we live by one simple rule: Be more like Phillip Schofield.

The man, the myth, the legend – Phillip is the most loved man in the UK, if not the world …unofficially…and that’s when we realised. The Schofinator genuinely is our spirit animal.

He’s adorable, a man of his word, and who can forbear that iconic hair?

Every day we ask ourselves, ‘What would Phillip do?’ and we aim to be just as helpful and charming as him. Come on….who wouldn’t be inspired by Phillip’s unparalleled values and outlook on life?

You could call this our ‘Phil-osophy’, but you don’t have to.



Our Phil-osophy

  1. Phil would never haggle, so neither do we.
  2. Phil would hate to waste people’s time, that’s why we make sure you’re in and out of branch in less than 30 minutes.
  3. We might not have millions of adoring fans like Phil, but we have had over a million customers.
  4. Phil would never be pushy, so neither are we. There’s no obligation to sell.
  5. Trustpilot says we’re 9.1/10 Phillip Schofield, but we won’t settle until we’re 10/10 Phillip Schofield.
  6. Most importantly, Be More Phil.

So why not value your car today!


As if he needs any explanation, Phillip Schofield is undoubtedly one of the loveliest men in Britain. The TV presenter, social media king and all-round nice guy has a heart of gold and head of sensational silver locks.

Phillip is 55 years old, the same age as a Chevrolet Corvette but even more legendary.

Phil (we’re on first name terms) was born on April Fools’ Day, 1962 in Oldham. He really is the pride and joy of Lancashire.

Phil’s an Aries, which is why he’s such an enthusiastic and loyal fella’. You go Schofe!

Big man Phil’s height is a perfectly formed 1.8 metres. That’s the same height as a Range Rover, vroom vroom!

Ok, we admit, we don’t quite know Phillip’s complete car collection, but we imagine he’d look blooming brilliant driving along in an original Mini One – a British classic, just like you Phil.

Phil’s not just an awesome guy, he also has a serious set of pipes and strutted his stuff on stage as Joseph in the early 90s. We won’t close every door to you Phillip, we just won’t.

If you didn’t already know, Phillip is kind of a big deal on social media. Follow him on Twitter @schofe and Snapchat as phillipschofe to get a daily dose of #ClassicPhil.

We aspire to one day pull off full Phillip Schofield, and perhaps that’s your dream too. If you share our ambition to Be More Phil, work hard, be nice to everyone you meet and in tricky situations simply ask yourself, ‘What would Phillip do?’.


Don't just
act like Phil,

Phil Posts

Here you’ll find a menagerie of Phillip-inspired blog posts for your enjoyment and Schofield schooling. If you’d like to learn how to throw your own sensational Schofe shindig at home or bake the So Schofield alternative to traditional Christmas pud this year, well you’ve come to the right place.

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Cuteness Overload

There he is… Phillip Schofield.  Stroking a tiny, little, fluffy kitten.Hearts will melt.

At webuyanycar.com, we live by one simple rule: Be more like Phillip Schofield, which is why we employ people with hearts just as lovely as yours Phil.

You may be asking yourself; "Why are we filming Phil from behind a bush?" In all honesty that doesn’t really matter. 

The point is, we’re working hard to make the whole 'car selling' thing quicker, simpler and a whole lot nicer. If your experience with us is even half as nice as Phil, then it’ll still be awesome



Phil and Me

Phil simply fills our staff with joy. We mean, what's not to love about him? He's one a kind, helpful and now a National Television Award nominee. (Vote for Phil!) Here we chat to staff about that unforgettable day... when our Phillip Schofield statue was finally unveiled at head office.

Download Phil

If you still haven't had your fill of Phil you can download a selection of assets from our launch advert here. #PhilTheLove

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