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It is fair to say that Car Auctions can be hard to predict. While car dealers and buyers are more than familiar with the ins and outs of an auction, new comers can miss out on getting a good price.

When you take your car to auction you are entering an arena with car dealers who are looking to make a profit. Usually they don’t have set rules; they stop bidding after a point at which they can make a profit on the resale of your motor.

Remember, dealers at car auctions only want to make a profit on the amount they pay for auctioned vehicles!

At, we understand your frustration and know how vital it is for every motorist to get the going rate for their motor; whether it’s for cash on the hip or to go towards a new car. That’s why we have become the nation’s favourite car buying service and here are just some of the reasons why you should see what we can offer if you sell your car to us before you head to the lottery of a car auction:


Guaranteed price

Auctions cannot offer a fixed price that you can be assured of obtaining. Whereas at once we have estimated the value of your car according to the registration and details you have entered we will stand by our offer as long as the condition of your car matches your description


Hassle-free process

Forget all the paperwork and logistics associated with an auction just get your free online valuation in just a few seconds, bring your car to an appointment at your local branch and we’ll finalise everything in just one day then you can have your payment into your bank account in a maximum of three working days


Trusted buyer

When you choose an auction to sell your car you are letting variables enter into the process, such as other buyers, costs and logistics that aren’t involved with professional car buying services. We’ve helped over 1 million customers get a competitive cash offer for their car without any waste of time and money.

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