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We buy all Audi vehicles, from the sporty Audi TT to the executive Audi A4, meaning you can sell your Audi no matter what the model! Cars from the German manufacturer are known for being sleek, luxurious and incredibly sought-after. From owners who enjoy desirable models such as the popular Audi A3 to those who simply appreciate the high-end engineering and design of the manufacturer’s fleet, Audis have something to offer everyone.

However, for most car owners the time always comes to move on to a new vehicle, or simply let go of an older one. At we’d be happy to buy your Audi and give it a new home!

With, you can get a quick and simple online car valuation in under a minute.To value your Audi, simply enter your reg number in the box above to begin

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Audi A1

The A1 is Audi’s ‘supermini’ rivalling the likes of the Mini Cooper and Ford Fiesta. Although owners report that the A1 doesn’t feel as nice to drive as the Fiesta, it beats it with finesse and the luxury interior, carried over from the executive saloon models. The classic usually comes with a 3-door, but those who prefer 5-door can opt for the sportback for that extra punch of power.

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We Buy Any Car are the quick and simple way to sell. If wasting time with part exchanges doesn’t appeal and the thought of a salesman forcing their pitch on you puts you off selling your car, then we can help. At We Buy Any Car you can receive an online valuation in less than a minute just by entering your reg and answering a few quick questions with no obligation to sell. However, if you’re happy with the quote you receive, you could book an appointment at your local branch and even sell your car the same day!

With over 200 locations across the UK the average time it would take you to reach your closest branch is just 15 minutes. So there really is no fuss, no time wasting and no confusion. With it’s quick, simple and honest.

How much is my Audi worth?

Any Audi, no matter the model, offers luxury, style and fun every time you get behind the wheel. With such a wide range of models to choose from there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer the sporty Audi TT or the family sized Q7 range, you know you’re opting for a high-end luxury vehicle.

If you want a more accurate valuation for your model, simply enter your reg into our online valuation calculator, followed by a few simple details and you’ll have your quote in less than a minute.


When should I sell my Audi?

Knowing when to sell your car may seem tricky, but with these simple tips, you could score a great price at resale! The time of year is a key influencer on the value of your vehicle. This includes a couple of factors, most importantly seasonality and the plate change. The season can alter the value depending on the model; sportier models often receive a better value in the summer months, whereas off-road SUVs that thrive in all conditions can have a better value in the winter months. This is all down to supply and demand, if you wouldn’t want to drive a particular model in certain months then the likelihood is less people would want to buy it then either.

The plate change affects the age of your car, and therefore affecting its value. Everyday your car gets that little bit older, and therefore decreases in value, but it is March and September that are significant times of the year when the reg plates change and make the age of your car more prominent. If you want to sell your Audi, you could receive a better valuation before the car ages another year.

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Our resident car buffs love test driving the diverse range of cars that Audi manufacture. We have dozens of reviews on the blog but our favorite reviews are of the A3, A5, R8 and Q2.