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Selling your luxury car with webuyanycar

Looking to sell a luxury car but want to avoid the hassle of a private sale? With webuyanycar, you can sell your luxury, prestige or performance car quickly and conveniently:

If you choose our Immediate Payment option, you can get the money in your bank within 15 minutes. (Terms and conditions apply.)

How to sell your luxury car privately

Want to sell your car privately? Follow our expert tips for selling success:

  • List your car

    Luxury car sales are a niche market. Therefore, you may achieve better results by listing your car on a specialised luxury car selling site (as opposed to a generalised car advertising site such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace). Your listing should include clear photographs and a detailed description of the car, disclosing any damage or faults.

  • Prepare to haggle

    Even luxury car enthusiasts will want to negotiate when buying a car. Therefore, you should get a free valuation for your luxury car, then use this figure to set a realistic price range for haggling.

  • Ensure your vehicle is in top condition

    Whilst many car buying services such as webuyanycar will buy cars in any condition, it will likely be more difficult to sell a car with significant damage on the private luxury car market. Some buyers will be prepared to overlook minor aesthetic damage (such as scratches and small dents). However, rectifying these issues before putting your car on the market should make it easier to sell – and boost its resale value.

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