Speeding fine calculator: how much you have to pay

If you are caught driving above the legal speed limit by the police or a speed camera, you may be liable to pay a speeding fine.

Working out exactly how much you’ll have to pay can be tricky. To make things simpler, we’ve created a useful speeding fine calculator.

Select enter the speed which was recorded and select the relevant speed limit below – and our free-to-use calculator will help you work out the cost of your fine:

*Speeding fines are capped at £2,500 for motorway offences - or £1,000 for offences committed on all other road types.

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How much is a speeding fine?

The minimum speeding fine in the UK is currently £100 (plus three penalty points on your driving licence). However, the amount you’ll be fined for a speeding offence depends on the following factors:

  • The speed limit on the road where you were caught.
  • By how much you exceeded this limit.
  • Your annual income.

However, it is important to note that fines are not issued for speeding offences in every instance. You might be offered a speed awareness course if:

  • You have not taken a speed awareness course in the past three years.
  • The speed infraction is deemed to be within an ‘acceptable’ range.

Whether you are offered a speed awareness course is ultimately at the discretion of your local police force.

If you choose to take a speed awareness course, you’ll avoid incurring a fine or penalty points on your licence, but you’ll have to pay the course fee online (typically between £80-£120).

What is the maximum penalty for speeding?

Fines for speeding offences in the UK are capped at £1,000 and £2,500 for offences committed on public roads and motorways respectively.

The criteria for UK speeding fines are explained in the table below:

Legal speed limit (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)

Recorded speed (mph)

Band A

Band B

Band C




41 and above




51 and above




66 and above




76 and above




91 and above




101 and above

Points/ disqualification

3 points

Disqualify 7-28 days OR 4-6 points

Disqualify 7-56 days OR 6 points


50% of relevant weekly income*

100% of relevant weekly income*

150% of relevant weekly income*

There are six categories of speeding fines in the UK (Bands A-F). Smaller speed limit breaches fall under Band A, whilst the most severe speeding infractions are placed under Band F.

The proportion of your weekly income that you will be fined (up to a maximum of £1,000 or £2,500) increases with each band.

Bands D, E and F are reserved for the most serious speeding offences, which may also have aggravating factors such as:

  • A repeat speeding offence.
  • Speeding in inclement weather.
  • Speeding whilst on bail.
  • Speeding whilst carrying passengers.
  • Speeding whilst towing a caravan or trailer.
  • Speeding whilst driving a large vehicle such as HGV.

As you might expect, offences in these categories tend to come with the largest fines, with penalties sometimes ranging from 200-700% of the offender’s weekly income. However, these fines remain capped at £1,000 for offences on public roads – and £2,500 for motorway offences.