Volkswagen part exchange

Last updated December 06, 2021

Are you considering part exchanging your Volkswagen at a dealership? You may be able to get a better deal on your next car by selling to in less than an hour – simply enter your registration plate and mileage below to get a free, no obligation valuation in less than 30 seconds.

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Why may you consider trading in your Volkswagen?

You may have decided to trade in your Volkswagen for convenience and to save time. If you are considering trading in your existing car, it is likely that you have already found the car you are looking to purchase and need a quick sale. Whilst part exchange was traditionally the most convenient option when selling your car, there are other options available which are equally as convenient such as selling to us in under an hour. You should also consider the drawbacks of part exchanging such as the confusing nature of combining two transactions into one and potentially receiving less than if you were to sell privately or to ourselves.

Advantages of part exchanging your Volkswagen

The primary advantage of part exchanging your Volkswagen is that you can drive to the dealership in your current car and drive away in a new one. The dealership will often handle all the paperwork and guide you through the process so there is no hassle when compared to selling privately. In addition, you won’t need to spend time preparing your car, advertising it for sale, arranging appointments for inspections and dealing with potential buyers.

Disadvantages of part exchanging your Volkswagen

Trading in your Volkswagen may come with its drawbacks. When compared to the other options for selling your car, you may receive less money by part exchanging, particularly if your car isn’t desirable to the dealership. For example, if you are buying from a dealership that specialises in BMW’s, your Volkswagen may not be a car they want on their forecourt which could be reflected in their offer.

As you are looking to purchase a particular car when part exchanging, the dealer is more likely to hold the bargaining power as you have an active interest in the car they’re selling. If you are looking to trade in, we would recommend getting a free car valuation in less than 30 seconds through ourselves as you may get a better price than what is being offered as part of the trade in.

In addition, whilst part exchanging your Volkswagen may seem like the simplest way to sell your car, it may get complicated as you are essentially combining two transactions into one. We would recommend keeping the two deals separate to ensure you get a fair price for your Volkswagen and the car you’re buying. Alternatively, you can sell your car to us and get a better deal on your next car by having the money in your bank.

What documents do I need to part exchange?

Whilst the documentation you require will differ depending on the policies of the dealership, you will generally need to provide the following if you want to part exchange:

  • Logbook (also known as the V5C)
  • MOT certificate(s)
  • Car key(s)
  • Vehicle manual
  • Proof of service history (where applicable)

Sell your Volkswagen without the hassle

Instead of part exchanging, you can sell your Volkswagen to us in under an hour at one of our 500+ branches across the UK. You can start today by getting a no obligation valuation in less than 30 seconds. If you’re happy with your online valuation, you can book an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you within the next 4 days and your price is protected by our guarantee. After we’ve bought your car, you can have the money in your bank within 15 minutes by choosing the Immediate Payment option (fees apply) and have the money in your bank to help you get the best deal on your next car.