Can I part exchange multiple cars?

Last updated April 13, 2022

As circumstance change, cars can be a factor that might need to also need to change with them such as a growing family or a career change. For example, as a family you might need a more spacious car than what you already have. This might come at a more premium price therefore trading in multiple cars might be a beneficial option to ensure you get the right car to meet your needs.

Whilst part exchanging multiple cars is an option, you might be able to get a better deal by selling each of your cars individually to You can get a free no obligation valuation for your vehicles in less than 30 seconds here.

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Why part exchange multiple cars?

As circumstances change your needs in a car adapt too. For whatever reason you may need to replace your car you can trade in multiple vehicles to a dealership to contribute to the cost of a new vehicle. By trading in more than one vehicle you can reduce the price of your new vehicle to a more attractive price.

However, you may find that you could get a better price for your vehicles by selling them separately and not trading them in as whilst completing a part exchange the dealership will hold the bargaining power and may not give you the best deal as they know you are in the market for a new car.

How does part exchange work?

Put simply part exchanging your car just means trading in your car for cash that will be deducted from the cost of the new car you are purchasing. You will go into a dealership who will buy your car off you for the amount they value your car for, and this will then go towards the cost of the vehicle they are selling you. So, when you are purchasing a new car the remaining balance to pay is the difference in price between your old vehicle and the new vehicle.

An example of how a part exchange works is if you went into a dealership and they valued your car at £4,500 and the car you wanted to purchase is £20,000, you would then need to pay £15,500 to purchase your new car.

Documents needed for part exchange

If you decide to part exchange your car or cars for a new car with the dealership and you are happy with the valuation, they have provided then you will need to have the following to complete the sale:

  • Logbook (also known as the V5C)
  • MOT certificate
  • Car keys
  • Car manual
  • Service (where applicable)

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