Can I part exchange my car for a van?

Last updated February 15, 2022

Due to a change in circumstances, such as needing more space to store work equipment, you may be considering part exchanging your car for a van. A van can also offer more storage space than a car due to having no back seats, but most do have fewer seats. Therefore, if you’re buying a van for personal use, then you will need to factor in that you can’t carry as many passengers.

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How does part exchange work?

Part exchanging is simply using the value of your current vehicle as contribution to the payment of your new vehicle. The dealership you choose to part exchange your car with will effectively value your car at what they believe it is worth and buy the car from you. The dealership will then subtract the value of your old car from the value of the new vehicle you are buying so all you have left to pay is the difference remaining on your new vehicle.

An example would be if you are trading in your car and the dealership has valued this at £6,000 and the van you would like to part exchange for is £30,000 the £6,000 will be subtracted from the price of the van. Therefore, what is left to pay is £24,000.

Documents needed for part exchange

Should you decide to go ahead with the trade in of your old vehicle and you are happy with the valuation the dealership has given you to contribute to your purchase, you will need to provide the following to complete the process:

  • Logbook (also known as the V5C)
  • MOT certificate
  • Car keys
  • Car manual
  • Service (where applicable)

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