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BMW has earned a prestigious reputation for producing quality vehicles throughout its range. From a small executive BMW 3 Series to an impressively luxurious 7 Series, each model has been built with premium materials, powerful engines and a distinctive sporty style that makes the brand stand out. The German manufacturer has become one of the most popular car brands in the UK, filling our roads with its fleet.

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The BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series, which is one of the larger saloons in the range, is a popular option, particularly among executives due to its luxury status, sleek style and practical performance. Its powerful and comfortable drive is great for everyday commutes, as well as long-haul drives just for the thrill of the ride. The smart-looking model is smooth and full of class with a sporty feel that filters through the whole of the BMW range.

Driving the BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series boasts a class-leading driving experience with a range of petrol and diesel engines to choose from that strike a balance between performance and economy. If you don’t mind sacrificing a manual gearbox then you won’t be disappointed with the 5 Series since it is one of the best automatic cars on the market. It’s more resilient than you would presume too, with the option of four-wheel drive to tackle trickier routes and bad weather conditions. The 5 Series aims to impress every time you get behind the wheel.

BMW 5 Series Interior

To own a BMW 5 Series is to make a statement. This large executive has an air of prestige owing to its carefully detailed style and high value. It may be out of the price range for some, but once you own this model, it is surprisingly economical despite its sporty design. The engine creates low running costs without sacrificing the driving experience. While the array of safety features that fill the BMW 5 Series will make any owner feel confident and secure when they are in the driver’s seat.

Owning the BMW 5 Series

If you love the thrill of a sports car but care about the environment, then the BMW i8 brings together the best of both worlds. There aren’t many BMW i8’s on the road, making it a unique car to own, so you’ll stand out in the crowd. Similar to any sports car, the i8 is expensive to buy, but thanks to its fuel-efficient performance, its running costs are fairly low. Its limited practicality isn’t surprising, but when you opt for a sports car, driving performance trumps boot space any day.

Selling a BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a popular model for a company car, and consequently, one that is sold regularly. Even if a car has been looked after, it is still subject to depreciation, so, knowing when to sell your BMW is just as important to receive the best value possible.

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