What Drives You Crazy On The Roads?

What Drives You Crazy On The Roads?

Last week we told you that research found women were angrier drivers than men. And it got us thinking about what makes drivers see red on the road. We’ve all suffered from road rage at some point, whether it’s aggressive drivers, lack of manners or just plain stupidity.

So we asked our Twitter followers what made them angry on the roads:

And, of course, it became a talking point in the WBAC Marketing team, here is what really grinds our gears on the roads:

Sarah: “People who don’t indicate at mini roundabouts, how am I supposed to know where you’re going?! It just messes the whole logic up.”

Lewis: “Thinking you’ve found a space in a busy car park until you realise there’s something like a Toyota IQ or Smart Car parked there.”

Danny: “Drivers who use merging lanes to cut ahead of others in a traffic jam.”

Leo: “People who don’t turn their high beam lights off when you’re approaching. And also tailgating, if you’re in such a hurry then set off earlier! ”

Olivia: “People who hog lanes on the motorway and don’t move over. And also when drivers don’t give way at roundabouts and just go for it anyways.”

Louise: “People who drive really slowly in front of you.”

Brett: “When impatient drivers flash you on the motorway to make you change lanes. This happens to me almost every day!”


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