UK Smoking Ban in Cars

Car smoking ban

October 1st sees the start of a new smoking ban in the UK, this time in cars with children present. I think most people would agree it’s a step in right direction, but what do you need to know about the new rules?

    • The law applies to the driver, so if anyone smokes in your car while there is a child present, you are liable to prosecution
    • Only fully covered vehicles are affected, so convertibles and coupes with their roof down are ok.
    • Children means anyone under the age of 18, and if the driver is a child, passengers aren’t allowed to smoke either.
    • E-cigarettes are not covered by the new legislation, so you can still vape in your vehicle
    • Both the driver and the smoker could face a fine of £50, if you’re driving you’re responsible


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But enough about the legislation what about the possible benefits of the smoking ban:

  • Of course, the best reason to butt it out has to be protecting children’s health. Passive smoke can cause or worsen conditions such as bronchitis, asthma and glue ear, and is especially dangerous to youngsters.
  • The start of October also marks the beginning of Stoptober, a nationwide campaign to help give smokers the support to quit for good by cutting out their habit for 28 days, so there couldn’t be a better time to cut out cigarettes.
  • It’s not just people’s health, smoking is bad for your vehicle too. In fact, the impact of cigarette burns and tobacco odour can reduce resale value by up to 10%
  • That’s not the only money spinner either, cigarettes don’t come cheap these days. 20 a day over the course of a year will cost you over £2,500. So this time next October you could be treating yourself to a family holiday!
  • And even if you can’t quit altogether, cutting out those fags in the car could make a difference. Studies have shown smoking less can reduce the overall risk of heart disease and cancer.

The smoking ban in enclosed public places introduced 2007 saw many people take the chance to quit, so why not use this new ruling to do the same!




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