Do These Driving Annoyances Grind Your Gears?

Do These Driving Annoyances Grind Your Gears?

What’s the most annoying thing on the road?

Traffic lights that spend just seconds on green? Roadworks that hold up traffic for hours without any workmen in sight? Or motorway traffic jams that slow you to walking pace then suddenly dissipate for no reason?

Obviously, it’s none of those things – the most annoying thing on the road is clearly other drivers!

So grit your teeth, clench your steering wheel and check out our top five driving pet peeves…

  1. Drivers who don’t indicate

One of the first things people are taught when learning to drive is ‘mirror, signal, and manoeuvre’ – but for some, the second part of the process is forgotten before the L-plates have hit the bottom of the bin.

And it’s a complete mystery why this happens. What is so difficult about flicking the little indicator stick just before you turn the wheel to turn left, right, or pull out us unsuspecting motorists?

I bet these are the sort of people who just let the door go when someone is walking behind them, detestable creatures.

  1. Drivers who speed up when you try to overtake them

So there they are, pootling along at five or ten miles-per-hour below the speed limit when the car behind sees there’s no traffic coming the other way, indicates, and pulls out to overtake them. So what do they do? Put their foot down of course!


Even when going the speed limit, if someone tries to overtake they should be given right of way, it’s not a race and speeding up to block their manoeuvre is just downright dangerous.

And what do these people hope to achieve anyway? To cause a head-on collision? To have the other driver swerve into them and cause a pile-up? They should just chill out and let them overtake, it’s not the end of the world. Speed up as they try to overtake and it soon could be!

  1. Drivers who sit in the middle lane

Let’s get this clear, the motorway has a left lane for driving in and then two overtaking lanes – not a slow lane for lorries, a middle lane for cars and a fast lane for overtaking – so why is it that so many people can’t grasp this simple concept?

They won’t ever admit it, but they’re lazy – content to get on the motorway, sit in the middle lane and let everyone else worry about getting around them. How annoying.

  1. Car alarms

In theory, car alarms are a great idea. But somehow they’ve been lost in translation – not only is someone actually breaking into a car likely to be the last thing that sets the alarm off, but when it does go off,  instead of checking to see if there’s a break-in, people will just complain about that annoying car alarm that keeps going off.

  1. Drivers who don’t thank you for giving way

Of all the things that could possibly annoy motorists, from any of the above to running red lights to tailgating, nothing grinds the gears quite like a driver who fails to acknowledge the fact you’ve given them right of way.

They’re probably the same people who, when in the pub, don’t let bar staff know you were next to be served. Show some gratitude, folks!

What did we miss? Share your biggest driving pet peeve in the comments below.


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