“Look At You, You’re Worthless!” : 5 Car Ad Campaigns To Remember

Volkswagen Car Ad

Imagine how difficult it is for a motor manufacturer trying to sell a new car – not only are you asking people to part with tens of thousands of pounds, there are loads of competitors doing exactly the same thing as you.

And that’s before you get into any badge-snobbery or scathing criticism from the likes of Clarkson and his crew.

So manufacturers need to come up with ad campaigns that not only instantly grab your attention, but catch your imagination. Here are some of our favourites…


A kid pretending to be Darth Vader to one of the most iconic themes from the Star Wars movies is going to work no matter what it’s meant to be advertising. The real genius in this is how it gave parents of Force-obsessed kids the perfect way to keep their little Sith Lords and Padawans happy.

And the kid’s reaction at the end makes central locking look like the coolest thing in the galaxy!

Dodge Durango

When trying to flog its new SUV, Dodge took the unlikely decision to make the most of the hype surrounding the release of Anchorman 2 by producing a series of adverts featuring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

And what a decision it turned out to be – Ferrell was briefed with the task of making six adverts and then came up with 70, one of which looked like this…

Ford Puma

If Ford’s ad men ever thought they could get away with trying to pass off the Puma as some sort of replacement for the Mustang, they were sorely mistaken. They get ten-out-of-ten for effort with this fantastic reworking of Steve McQueen’s Bullitt though…


Made for the Mexican market, this Nissan Juke is arguably the most bombastically Japanese advert ever – just watch what happens when a cheetah collides with jet fighter…

Value my car



Arguably one of the best car ad campaigns ever was for one of the most outrageous concept cars ever – the Pontiac Stinger contained everything you’d need for a day (and night) at the beach.

“Almost as much a condo as a car…” quite!

Volkswagen (again)

Re-making the Beetle was never going to be easy for Volkswagen, particularly as lovers of the original could see through it as nothing more than a funny-shaped Golf – it has a front-ended, water-cooled engine for Volks’ sake!

But VW’s ad agency played a blinder (again) with the beloved Beetle’s reincarnation…

What did we miss? Let us know about your favourite car ad in the comments…




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