10 Pictures from the Roads you Won’t Believe are Real

10 Pictures from the Roads you Won't Believe are Real

Have you ever been driving along, lost in the thoughts of your mundane commute and the dreary day ahead when something has caught your eye and almost stopped you in your tracks?

It could be a car with a stunning paint job,  an unusually large dog, a ridiculously small horse, someone with a slightly eccentric dress sense, or it could be something like this…

Bear with me…

You know when someone wins the biggest stuffed toy at the funfair…


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Top gear reboot?

They really don’t like Jeremy Clarkson in Russia, do they..?


Roll with it

One careful lady owner, roll cage included…


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Busman’s holiday?

We’ve all seen how white van drivers in the UK keep rolled up newspapers and crushed cans in their windscreens. Well, Russian bus drivers keep sleepy passengers there…


Top Gun

I’m sure the airport is around here somewhere…


Drunk in the trunk

We’ve all heard of people keeping junk in the trunk, but getting drunk in the trunk?


The farmer wants a wife

Not quite sure what sort of farmer’s market this guy is off to…


Room at the top

“I’ve only got a couple of bags, she said. They’ll easily fit in the car, she said…”


What crazy things have you seen on the road lately? Let us know…

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