‘T-Charge’ Planned to Cut Toxic Fumes in London

London Toxic Fumes Charge

London motorists could soon incur charges based on the level of toxic fumes emitted by their car.

The new ‘T-Charge’ would be an additional fee on top of the existing congestion charge and cover the same area. Using London’s vast network of cameras, enforcers would identify the worst polluting cars, vans and lorries entering the city each day.

London’s new mayor Sadiq Khan is also looking to dramatically expand the city’s low emission zone by 2020, which would then cover a much larger area reaching from London’s North Circular Road to the South Circular Road. Motorists travelling through the ‘ultra-low emission zone’ will face an additional charge of £12.50 per trip in the expanded area.

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Tasked with Change

Having been elected with a mandate to clean up London’s pollution problem, Sadiq Khan certainly isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to clamping down on motorists in the area.

When probed on his strategy for reducing levels of pollution in the London area, Sadiq Khan replied “We need big, bold and sometimes difficult policies if London is to match the scale of the challenge”.

Given that toxic air in the capital has been blamed for up to 9,400 deaths each year, a reduction in pollution levels certainly seems to be in the best interest of the public, particularly residents living in city centre areas.

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