Supercar needs a caddy!


Talk about first world problems.

We’ve all probably had to deal with a bit of tight boot space, but this golfer was left red faced after finding there wasn’t enough room for his clubs in the front of his £180,000 Lamborghini!

The moment was captured by onlookers at Three Hammers Golf Complex in Wolverhampton as he struggled with the rather inadequate luggage space in the bright green supercar.

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Friends said he hired the stunning Lamborghini Huracan to impress his mates, but ended up needing to phone a friend to help him out.


Later a man turned up in the rather more modest Renault Clio which fit his irons quite comfortably.

A fellow golfer said: ‘I’d spotted the Lamborghini in the carpark and got a snap of it.

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‘I noticed what I thought was the owner coming back to the car himself and saw he was having difficulty getting his bag into the boot.

‘He looked pretty bemused as clearly he wasn’t going to cram an entire set of clubs into that tiny boot.

Lamborghini driver golf clubs

Birmingham-based firm Celebrity Supercar Hire supplied the motor and remarked it was ‘pretty clear there isn’t much space in the boot.’

‘I reckon he’d rented the car to impress his mates on the way back from the course but ended up looking like a bit of a prat. The Clio was a lot less glamorous than the Lambo.’

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Lesson to be learned, if you




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