Roborace Formula E driverless cars

Watch out Lewis Hamilton, there’s a robot after your job!

With the F1 season coming to its conclusion on Sunday, race fans looking for that high speed fix could turn their attention Formula E. The fledgling championship, now in its second season, features electric cars and a few drivers you might recognise from yesteryear.

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It all sounds pretty science fiction, and for good reason, Formula E is the world’s first fully-electric racing series. In their own words:

“Formula E aims to represent a vision for the future of the motor industry, serving as a framework for R&D around the electric vehicle, accelerating general interest in these cars and promoting clean energy and sustainability.”


That’s not where the innovation ends either. From next season the competition will be featuring driverless cars! The human drivers don’t need to worry just yet though, the so-called Roborace will just be a warm up for the current competition.



There will be ten teams with two cars each, all with the same specification, so the onus will be on the artificial intelligence built into the vehicles. Hopes are companies such as Google, Uber, Continental and Bosch will get involved so things could certainly get serious, and with speeds topping 300km/h it’s sure to provide some pretty hair rising moments!

As a child of the 80s it all reminds me of playing Scalextric as a youngster, that always used to end up with the cars careering off the track in the direction of anyone nearby, let’s hope this doesn’t go the same way. Maybe I’ll just watch this thing on TV…




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