Trial separation: Divorced man cuts ex wife’s Corsa in half!


Now if you like the wind in your hair when you drive then a convertible or a soft top is probably the right choice for you, however, if you want to take it one step further this car is the right choice for you.

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An unknown man in Germany has recorded himself on YouTube cutting possessions he shared with his now ex-wife in half including chairs, a TV, an iPhone and wait for it… even their car! Having posted his ex-wife’s half of the possessions back to her in the post, he is now selling his half on eBay.


Image via eBay.

It seems it isn’t without a heavy heart that the man is parting with their ‘beloved little car‘, however, potential bidders must aware of the damage with the description reading “the car is quite well preserved for his age, but of course some signs of wear. In particular, half is missing.

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We’ll be a keeping a close eye on the eBay bid, just to see how much this little Corsa is worth…




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