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Last time on the blog we visited Sean in our Southampton branch… this week we’re chatting with Oneel Syed who is our Area Retail Branch Manager for our London North branches.

Thanks for joining us Oneel! Before we get to know more about the branches you manage, why not tell us about the first car you owned?

The first car I ever owned was a Triumph Stag. It was a great, retro car and I will definitely never forget my first set of wheels.

Value my car

Wow a throwback to the 70s! What other cars have you owned?

Well my current car is a Mercedes. Actually my last three cars have been Mercedes too! Other notable cars I’ve owned have been a Jaguar and a Lexus IS 200.

A nice collection of cars! Have any of your cars ever let you down? When was the last time you broke down?

It was actually quite recently – three months ago to be precise. The alternator on my car went and I ended up breaking down.

Bugatti Veyron

Image via Wikimedia.

Oh dear! Okay instead of talking about the cars you have owned, what about the car you would LOVE to own? What vehicle would you buy if you had an unlimited budget?

That’s easy! I would buy a Bugatti Veyron. It looks great and holds its value.

Good choice – logical too! What about some of the cars you’ve bought for We Buy Any Car? Any of them stick in your memory?

The one which will always stick in my memory is a Range Rover Evoque I bought from a gentlemen who wanted to purchase a van for his business instead. It was the first car I bought for We Buy Any Car so I’ll always remember it.

Thinking about the other customers you’ve helped whilst working at We Buy Any Car, what would you say is the top reason people use us to sell their car?

People want to sell their car quickly and without the hassle of having to list it privately. We also offer a premier payment scheme at some of our branches which means that for a small admin fee you can get the cash for your car within 30 minutes!

Finally, how do our customer save money on their next car purchase by using We Buy Any Car?
Our customers end up getting their cash for their car quickly – especially with our new 30 minute express payments – which means they can go away and buy their new car the same day if they wish. We also offer advice to our customers on what to look on purchasing a new car so they are then armed with the knowledge to broker a better deal on their next car.

So there you have it! An insight into life at We Buy Any Car from Oneel Syed.




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