Is this the Future of Mail? The Post Office Electric Van!

Postman Pat with his classic postal van

The Royal mail has unveiled a prototype for a fully-electric postal van, nine of which will be taking to the streets in Britain today!

Costing 50% less to run than traditional postal vans, the electric model is made from ultra-lightweight composite materials.

With lower weights and fuel costs, the new all-electric postal vans will be much more economical to run, and much better for the environment too.

So many people are excited about this new age of technology, find out what other people have to say on the first ever Post Office electric van.

The electric post office van sports a cool futuristic design and is made from composite materials

Image: Arrival

The sleek design of the new postal van looks like something from a sci-fi movie. The future is now!

The electric vans have been made in partnership with automotive technology company arrival

Image: Arrival

The vans were produced in collaboration with automotive technology company Arrival, and are the first vehicles to be produced at the company’s new 110,000sq ft factory in Banbury.

Arrival and Royal Mail have produced a total of nine prototype electric postal vans, all of which will take to the roads around London today. Operating from Royal Mail’s Mount Pleasant depot in the centre of the capital, the vans will be used to deliver packages and mail between distribution centres around London.

Postman Pat and his classic postal van

Do you want to sell your car for something more economic? Or fancy joining the Post Office in this revolutionary change in the motoring world, then find out when you should buy an electric car and join the future.Who knows, maybe the next incarnation of Postman Pat will be silently delivering parcels in a fully-electric van too!

Available in 3.5, 6 and 7.5-ton models, the vans use batteries which give the maximum range to weight ratio and enable trucks to produce zero carbon emissions for up to 100 miles.

This comes only weeks after the announcement of new levies and charges that are to be implemented in many built-up areas suffering from congestion.

What do you think of the new all-electric Post Office vans, and electric vehicles in general? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know below!




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