Ferrari Plan a Euro Theme Park

Ferrari Plan a Euro Theme Park

If you’re a Ferrari aficionado, then getting behind the wheel of a Testarossa or and F50 is probably right up there at the top of your bucket list. And a trip to Ferrari World – an Abu Dhabi-based theme park dedicated to all that’s great about the prancing horse – is probably not far behind.

The trouble is it could cost a small fortune to make either of these dreams a reality as neither Ferraris nor trips to Abu Dhabi come cheap.

The good news is that as of next year you won’t need to make it to the Middle East to feel the full force of the Formula Rossa roller coaster as Europe will have its very own Ferrari Land!

And here’s what it’ll have on offer…

Bring on the Prancing Horses

Ferrari’s new 75,000 square meter theme park will sit just outside Barcelona and form part of the already well-established PortAventura theme park, which pulls in around four million visitors a year.

The badge on the bonnet of Ferrari Land will undoubtedly be the park’s main roller coaster which will be Europe’s highest and fastest vertical accelerator ride.

And aside from being packed out with thrill rides and more memorabilia than an F1 fanatic’s front room, it’ll also play host to the world’s first Ferrari-themed hotel. This five-star, 250-room establishment will also house restaurants and driving simulators and will be built to look like the front wing of a Ferrari F1 car. And why not?!

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Andrea Perrone, CEO of Ferrari Brand, said of the PortAventura venture: “After the success of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, we received many, many requests to develop new amusement parks. We decided to accept Investindustrial’s because it is a very solid plan developed by competent people.”

The park is expected to cost around €100 million (£85 million) and should help swell Ferrari’s coffers even further – sales of the brand name alone and subsequent tie-ins with brands like Puma and Hublot netted it €54 million (£45 million) in 2013.

Further details of the parks other attractions are yet to be released, so let’s take a closer look at the Abu Dhabi attraction to get an idea of what we can expect to see in Spain next summer…

Eastern Promise

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is over twice the size of the European park and, as you’d expect, is sat in the middle of a vista-less desert.

Attractions include the V12 log flume, which sees riders take a journey into the heart of a Ferrari 599’s 12-cylinder engine – a petrol-head’s dream – and the Formula Rossa roller coaster.

Never a company to do anything by halves, the roller coaster is the world’s fastest and accelerates from 0 to 150mph in just five seconds – the closest you can get to putting the pedal to the metal in an F1 car.


Sadly, this ride won’t be replicated in Europe, so if you’re a real Ferrari fan, you’ll still have to save up and head east…


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