Life Saving Technology: eCall in all New Cars

Life Saving Technology: eCall in all New Cars

Is your car already equipped with the savvy technology to contact the emergency services in the event of an accident? Well, all new cars from April next year will do!

This is an important movement being introduced by the European Union to improve the safety of our vehicles and bring a quicker assistance to road users.

This technical advancement is called eCall and, in short, is an automatic emergency call. It will only be triggered by sensors during an accident, for example when your car rapidly decelerates or the air bags deploy. It will automatically connect to 999 handlers for you to inform them of your situation. However, if no passengers are able to speak due to their injuries a message with your location, the date and the time will still be sent to them so they can send out the emergency services to your aid.

eCall technology will be mandatory in all new cars in 2018 to help save lives in a collision

So, if you’re on a quiet road with limited chance of having witnesses to your crash, eCall could quite possibly save your life, making the emergency services aware of your situation and your whereabouts. Even if you’re on a busy motorway, this system could speed up response time and therefore, limit congestion as well as the obvious increase in lives saved.

There have been a few sceptics over this development. Big Brother Watch raises concerns over privacy, highlighting the chance of motorists being hacked and their location being unwillingly tracked. The lack of choice is another matter; eCall is going to be a mandatory feature in all new cars in Europe leaving motorists no choice but to have this feature in their car.

But, the question is, does the increased chance of being saved in a collision trump these concerns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Breakdowns can happen that don’t involve a collision, and therefore don’t need the aid of an emergency service. Check out our 5 common roadside emergencies and how you can deal with them.





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