Clarkson & Co’s New Show Finally Gets a Name

Clarkson & Co's New Show Finally Gets a Name

After months of deliberation, some rubbish ideas and a fair few false announcements, the Ex-Top Gear hosts have finally released the name for their new show.

“In short, the BBC not only owns the rights to the Stig and the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and the Cool Wall but also to any name that is remotely similar to Top Gear,” moaned Clarkson in his regular Sunday Times column.

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Rather than let the public decide (we’ve seen how that can backfire recently with a certain boat) they’ve finally plumped for a name of their own choosing, Clarkson continues:

The Grand Tour

“We’ll be travelling the world hosting each episode in a different country, from a giant tent. It’s a sort of ‘grand tour’ if you like. So we’ve decided to call it The Grand Tour.”

It hasn’t exactly captured the imagination much, although James May’s idea was definitely worse “I wanted to call it ‘Nigel’, or ‘Roger’. We needed a name, and they’re names.”

Hammond seemed a bit more excited about the whole thing “I already love camping, But this is something else. We are like our pioneering and prospecting forebears, sallying forth into a new frontier of broadcasting, and making our home.”

It sounds a bit more like a new Wallace and Gromit than a car show to me, but you can bet they’ll be up to all their usual tricks. The show is set to launch in the Autumn on Amazon and we can’t wait!




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