CLOSED: Calling all Van Drivers…Take a Break and Have a Costa Coffee

CLOSED: Calling all Van Drivers…Take a Break and Have a Costa Coffee

The UK currently has over 200,000 van drivers. A vast majority of these drivers have a firm presence on our roads at this time of year. Christmas plays a pivotal role with regards to the influx of transported goods. It is essential that all van drivers follow the Department for Transportation’s (DFT) legislation for Driving Hours and Breaks. The legislation stipulates: in any working day, the maximum amount of driving permitted is 10 hours

Although it is not compulsory, it is recommended that all van drivers take at least a 15 minute break every 2 hours. During this period it is essential that all drivers are fed and hydrated in a quest to maintain concentration and focus. It is also beneficial for van drivers to plan their journeys in advance. Avoiding long distance journey’s between midnight – 6am when possible is also recommended.


We Buy Any Van acknowledges what a demanding job van drivers have at this time of year and believe it is imperative that van drivers have whatever essentials they need to encourage a safer experience on our roads. Caffeine – in moderate doses increases alertness and reduction in fatigue.

As an acknowledgement of appreciation to UK van drivers, we are providing a £20.00 promotional gift card to Costa. All you have to do is tweet us a picture of your van and its Christmas decorations followed by #SantaVan. The top ten most decorative vans will win a £20.00 gift card. With over 1700 Costa coffee shops within the UK and a vast majority situated within service stations, gaining a purposeful usage of this gift card will not be a problem.


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For further information regarding the DFT legislation see:




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