Could your New Sat Nav Cause Marital Problems?

Sat Nav

Car manufacturers, keen to grab more of the market from tech-hungry motorists, are rumoured to be working on Sat Nav systems which can answer you back.

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To be clear, this not the ‘old fashioned’ voice-activated system found on many cars nowadays. No, Sat Nav 2.0 reaches a new level in human and smartphone interaction. What does this mean? Well here’s an example of a conversation between a driver (let’s call him ‘Bill’) and his Sat Nav 2.0 (Let’s call her ‘Nicky’)

Bill: Find the way to Sainsbury’s, please

Nicky: Ok, but did you want to stop by and pick up the dry cleaning on the way?

Bill: Didn’t know I had to.

Nicky: Your wife sent you a text this morning, remember

Bill: No.

Nicky: Bill, you opened the text. Your phone told me.

Bill: Maybe. Anyway, I’ll pretend I didn’t see it.

Nicky: I’m planning the route to Sainsbury’s.

Nicky: But we are going by ‘Charlie Clean,’ or nearby, shall I direct you there first?

Bill: I don’t have the cash.

Nicky: Well you did draw out cash last night, remember you asked me to find an ATM?

Bill: I spent it.

Nicky: OK I have found your destination, it is 2.4 miles away and I’ve avoided some traffic. In fact, the new route goes right along the road where ‘Charlie Clean’ is.

Bill: No stopping, straight there. I can’t be bothered.

Nicky: OK Bill. Here’s the route. I’ve confirmed to your wife that you can’t be bothered by texting her using your phone.

Bill: Sat Nav off.

Sat Navs are installed in many cars nowadays and often drivers, listening to the droning instructions, have a tendency to talk it. Some even argue and many swear when the device gets it wrong. That’s fine as long as they can’t answer back. But soon they will be able to which could mean some very awkward situations like Bill and Nicky’s above.

Soon connectivity between the driver, their smartphone and the Sat Nav will enable the conversation between Bill and Nicky to take place. The problem is that Sat Navs 2.0 will be logical, driven by information. The ‘Bills’ of this world are not logical. Drivers are human beings who will often tell a ‘white lie’ or ‘fib’ to their family, friends and work colleagues. Most fibs are well-intentioned and often smooth out the progress of the day either for their good or for the good of others.

In an article published by Thomas G Plante PhD in 2011, the respected psychologist clearly explained the benefit of white lies.The classic is the question from someone who asks, “Do I look fat in this?’ Most people know well enough that the best and universally used answer will always be ‘No.’

The conclusion to this is that, as manufacturers rush to Sat Nav 2.0, they might be best to wait until Sat Nav 3.0 where the little computers inside them are able to lie as well as a human.


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