5 Fantastic Car Gizmos Your Never Knew You Needed

5 Fantastic Car Gizmos Your Never Knew You Needed

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So, you want to sell your old car and buy yourself a brand new top-notch vehicle. But there’s no point in having the freshest wheels or the biggest engine if you’re not kitting your car out with gadgets, too.

Ensure you’re making the most of your motor with some of these amazing life hack car accessories, and make your journeys the smoothest they can be.

1. In-car phone charger

There’s nothing worse than being far from home, with your phone clinging on to its 1% remaining battery for dear life.

If you’re on a long journey – or even if you just always find yourself driving with no juice left on your mobile – an in-car phone charger will always come in handy. Just plug it into your DC power connector and go!

2. Boot liners

Boot liners are great if you go out on messy adventures regularly – keeping your trunk protected from dirt and grub, you can throw everything in there without worrying about your car harbouring a long-term stink.

Equally, if you have a dog who loves to go swimming during walkies, making them sit on a liner on the trip home will protect your car from eau de canine.

3. Headrest TV screen/DVD player

Particularly if you’re travelling with the family, this one is a great option for keeping your passengers entertained. Keep the “are we there yet”s to a minimum by investing in an in-car DVD player, a couple of Disney films – Frozen is always a fail-safe option – and some headrest TV screens.

Bonus points if you can plug them into headphones, too! Ah… Silence is golden.

4. FM transmitter

If your car is a little on the old side, it might not come with the music player you’d necessarily choose. CDs are acceptable at a push, but who even knows where to buy tapes anymore?

If your car isn’t fitted with all the musical mod-cons, invest in an FM transmitter. This plugs right into your car and means that you can play anything you like from your phone or iPod directly through your speakers. If you shop cleverly, you can also get one which charges your phone or acts as a handsfree kit. Finally, no more shouting over your loudspeaker!

5. Reversing camera kit

For those of us who don’t love parallel parking, the reversing camera kit allows you to park and reverse without any concerns – or little bumps.

Simply attach it to the back of your car, put the screen within your eye-line, and never again worry about squeezing into tiny spaces! After a few weeks, you’ll wonder how you ever parked without one…

So – which car accessories couldn’t you live without? Have any of our suggestions changed your driving life? Let us know in the comments below!

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