Time-Saving Brits

Busy Brits are pushed to extremes, including skipping meals, paying for next day delivery and even running red lights, in a bid to save time in 2017.

Skipping meals, never texting back and driving through traffic lights on red are some of the ways Britons are attempting to save time - according to a new poll.

Breaking the speed limit, avoiding a morning shower and touching-up last night’s make-up the following morning are also time-saving hacks hectic Britons use in 2017.

The poll conducted by the nation’s favourite car buying service, webuyanycar, found other cheeky time cheats include chucking cash in birthday cards rather than buying presents for friends and family and buying new carrier bags at the supermarket, rather than getting ones we already have from the boot of our cars.

Researchers at webuyanycar found over half of the 2,000 adults polled (58 percent) said they are constantly rushing around with over a quarter (27 percent) failing to make their bed because they are just too short for time.

The survey, which highlights the plight of our time-poor population, showed almost half (48 percent) claim they are often short of breath because they spend their time charging from A to B, trying to remember and complete all their daily tasks.

And as a third of Brits admitted to waking up feeling stressed with so much on their plates each day, half of those polled (56 percent) confessed that they are also prepared to pay extra for a faster service, from first-class postage, to speedy boarding.

Richard Evans, of webuyanycar said: “We can all relate to this research. Very few of us are lucky enough to have spare time on our hands.

Richard Evans, of webuyanycar said: “We can all relate to this research. Very few of us are lucky enough to have spare time on our hands.

“Work, family life and domestic duties dominate our lives and we are all trying to cut corners, whether that’s hiring a cleaner, firing off a text rather than a birthday card or using time-saving internet tools such as the webuyanycar car valuation calculator.

Richard continued: “Our latest research also demonstrates that with time in such short supply, many Brits are willing to pay for conveniences that will help them get back precious minutes. From forking out a fiver each time for next day delivery, to paying double for simple thing like pre-chopped onions, we’re a nation pushed to extremes due to a lack of time and how much we really do value it.”

webuyanycar’s findings come off the back of its one millionth customer this year and follow the continued rise of other convenience services, such as Deliveroo, whose sales grew 650 percent in 2016 and taxi app Uber, which exceeded five billion worldwide rides in May 2017.

With time of the essence, extremes on the road were also revealed in the poll, with one in five Brits openly admitting to speeding to save time, while one in 10 said they put their foot down a couple of times a week in order to get somewhere on time.

Not surprisingly 58 percent of the 2,000 adults polled said they need to get more organised.

While half of us believe not checking Facebook and Instagram would free up loads of their time during the day, 68 percent moan about not having enough hours in the day yet make time to scroll through social media.