The Ultimate European Road Trip

The Ultimate European Road Trip

Those who have a taste for travel and a love of the open road are sure to enjoy our guide to Europe’s greatest road trips!

Anyone who’s travelled extensively will tell you that there’s a diverse range of sights and experiences to be enjoyed as you navigate the many exciting settings around Europe. From tasting some of the world’s finest wines in France to tearing up the surf in Spain, Europe is a continent that can be enjoyed even more when traversing its many cities and picturesque scenes by car.

That’s why we’ve put together ‘The Ultimate European Road Trip‘, a detailed infographic which shows a fantastic range of popular road trips across many of Europe’s countries, as well as some great suggestions for activities you can enjoy during each journey.

Marking the Highlights

Not only does the infographic detail the best route to take during each road trip, but we’ve also marked some recommended locations and activities on each course that you may wish to stop and enjoy along the way!

Genoa Road Trip

From local attractions and physical activities to natural wonders situated along each route, there’s no shortage of highlights to keep you entertained during each of the road trips on our list.

For example, on our Swiss ‘Alpine Adventure’ alone, you can enjoy downhill mountain biking, the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and some natural thermal springs, amongst much more!

So don’t wait until next year, check out our awesome guide to European road trips and start planning your route today!




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  2. That is extremely helpful, I was planning a road trip and this infographic has solved all my queries. Thanks.

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