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Just like when using babies or young children for TV, producers and directors like to use twins or even triplets to have extra little actors on hand in case one isn’t in the mood to ‘play ball’. To record the Puppy ad, we had five beautiful, cockapoo puppies on set. In the final edit of the advert, the one you’ll see on your TVs, you’ll see both Ruby and Elsie playing the part of our pup, Axel.

People often say you should never work with animals or children and we must admit, the day did come with its own tests and challenges. One of the puppies managed to sneak off and take a pee in Phil’s fluffy slippers, luckily the crew were well prepared and had a backup pair on hand for Phil to slip on. Young Ruby also developed a love for Phil’s nose and made a couple attempts to have a nibble on it (who can blame her!).

Puppy: In The Making

In between the idea conception and shoot day, lots of planning takes place to refine the advert concept. We considered many different scenarios for this seemingly simple ad, the finalised ad you see today went through months of planning and perfecting. There were a variety of frames produced to explore different potential scenes and endings for the advert, you might recognise some of the below illustrations from the final Puppy ad. We did script a scene where the puppy was meant to tug at Phil’s dressing gown belt, but we just couldn’t get the pooch on side with this idea on the day. Even some tasty puppy treats hidden in the belt didn’t work, it ended in more of a frenzied (but adorable) attack rather than a playful pull.

To your left you will find our Phil and cute little pup Axel starring in the final version of our Puppy advert. The 30-second advert you see took around six hours to shoot (including a few breaks and snoozes for our puppies!). It took months of planning and post-production to produce the advert and we’d like to give a special shout out to all the wonderful people and puppies who helped to create it.

Quick facts

Learn more about the dog.

Have you been asking yourself, ‘’what is the We Buy Any Car dog’’, ‘’what is the dog in the We Buy Any Car advert called’’? Find all your puppy questions answered below!

The puppy in our new advert is a beautiful cockapoo. A cockapoo is a cross between a cocker spaniel and poodle. The breed is also sometimes referred to as spoodle and cockerdoodle.

We used two puppies to shoot the advert, one was called Ruby and one was called Elsie. When the advert debuted we issued a poll on social media for the public to help name the puppy, the name that came out on top was, Axel. So the pup’s stage name is now, Axel, we tried to stick to a car theme.

The puppies were just six weeks old when we shot the advert in late summer, 2018. They’ll be all grown up now!

For the six hours it took to film the advert, you could say it was Phillip Schofield’s dog. However, sadly, the puppies we used didn’t actually belong to Phil.

Hit us up on social media to get your puppy questions answered (or just to see more images of Phil and the dog!).

If you’re as obsessed with Phil and Axel as we are, you can get your digital paws on more pictures and exclusive behind the scenes shots

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