How to throw the ultimate Phillip Schofield Soirée

It’s the most Schofield-time of the year!

Ahhh December…

The party season… we’ve been waiting for you almost as long as we were waiting for our glorious 14 foot Phillip Schofield statue to be erected at head office.

And what better way to celebrate this festive time than by throwing a party. We’re not talking any old get-together though. Oh no, no! Tinsel, mince pies and ‘White Christmas’ of course all have their place on Christmas day, but we’re talking about throwing a shindig that’s a little more out-there, a little more memorable, and quite a lot more Phil.

Yes, it’s here, in one easy blog post for you – our quick and simple guide to how to throw the ultimate Schofield Soirée.

Based on the most wonderful day in’s history, (when we got to see a topless Phil carved out of marble) in this post we share all the Schofessentials you’ll need to throw a Phil-inspired do, for your friends and family.

1. Phil novelties

No party is complete sans party hats and balloons. Our professional advice is to whack Phil’s face on just about anything you can get your mitts on. We opted for as many helium balloons and party hats we could carry, and coupled with endless metres of gorgeously green bunting.

2. Schofield snacks

Since big man Phil rose to acclaim in the 80s, we advise a fundamental element to a successful Schofe soirée is traditional 80s party snacks. Sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple cubes and fairy buns are sure fire crowd-pleasers. This is also your opportunity to go for full Schofield, by including extra splashes of Phil on jugs, plates and other elements of cutlery and crockery. We knew he’d look fantastic on a cocktail stick.

3. Big man bangers

Finally, pump up the volume and complete that Phil-spiring atmosphere with classic tunes loved by the big man himself. You could go for the classic choice of the 1992 single ‘Close Every Door to Me’, from when Phil starred in the title role of Joseph. Simply loop it on repeat. If you’d prefer more musical variety, here’s a playlist of songs loved by Phil himself that we made earlier

4. Fancy dress

Not all parties require a strict dress code, but given the esteem on your forthcoming Schofield soirée, you may wish to consider including one of your formal invitations. A classic Phil get-up would include a crisp pink shirt and black trousers, paired with a black leather belt and shoes. You and your guests may not all wish to look the same, so you could also seek inspiration from some of Phil’s other looks and fashion choices over the years.

Whatever Schofe selections you make for your shindig, if it’s filled with Phil, then it’s already making history. Just remember to Phil the Love and Be More Phil.

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