Are you in need of some...



It’s a familiar feeling - Monday morning rolls around after the weekend has passed all too soon and you’re sat on the edge of your bed in need of some motivation to give you a boost for the week ahead.

Especially at this time of year, when Christmas seems like a distant memory and summer 2018 seems too far away, you’re not the only one lacking enthusiasm.

So, what can be done about the seasonal lull? Well, we think we know just the person to cheer you up…

It sounds to us like you need some Phil-spiration.

Phil-spiring slogans

To assist you in your hour of need, here’s a list of our favourite Phil-spiring slogans, to get you through when you’re feeling blue.

By simply repeating these mantras, hanging them on your wall or adopting them as your laptop screensaver, we know you’ll begin to feel more perky and energised again before you know it.

We’d love to know which motto you find gives you the most Philspiration. Tell us via Facebook or Twitter, using #SoSchofield.