How to Be More Phil, in 5 Simple Steps

To quote the rock band The Killers, ‘Who’s the Man?’ …

Well we have the answer, Phil’s the man. The real deal. No quibbles about it.

And it’s our mission to be as Phillip Schofield in everything we do, from making it as quick as possible to provide an online valuation for your motor, to enabling you to sell on your lunch hour if you wanted – because that’s the sort of accommodating thing Phil would approve of.

And we don’t just want to become 100% Schofield, we’re encouraging everyone to adopt this Phil-osophy, because, well, Phil’s an all-round loveable guy and when we get down to it….who wouldn’t want to be just as wonderful as him?

So, here it is. Our simple guide for how you can Be More Phil, by following these 5 easy steps.

1. Work on your abs

No one’s born with abs like this, except for Phil. So if you want to be more like him, start by investing in a gym membership and get your sweat on. Make abdominal action, stomach crunches, flutter kicks and Russian twists your friends and you should be sporting an impressive six-pack in no time.

2. Visit the dentist

That twinkling smile doesn’t happen just come by brushing once a day. Carry a toothbrush with you at all times, floss as well and get a check-up booked in with your dentist and hygienist. If you want to go full-on Phil you could get your gnashers whitened professionally.

3. Conquer your fear of heights

You can’t be like Phil and be scared of heights – oh no, Phil’s way too macho for that. Like when he whizzed along a zip wire for the grand opening of a local library, to complete the job in the fastest way humanly possible. So get over those phobias and man up…because that’s what Phil would do.

4. Invest in a pair of ladders

Imagine if Phil didn’t own a pair of ladders…who would have rescued that poor, fluffy kitten, Spice? Step four to becoming more Phil is to get down to your homeware store of choice and choose the tallest, most sturdy pair of ladders you can find. Once purchased, make those ladders your pride and joy and start rescuing as many lost, helpless animals as possible.

5. Get a new hair do

Phillip is known for his signature barnet, which is why it made it all the more significant when he makes the ultimate sacrifice and shaved it all off. What a hero! The fifth and final step to becoming more like Phil is to get a new hairdo. Whether you go for a permanent, all-over silver dye or opt to shave it off, wear your hair style with pride.

No matter how you’re trying to Be More Phil, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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