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Looking to sell your Volkswagen? First, you need to find out what it is worth. With, you can value your car in a matter of seconds and you could sell it the same day.

Volkswagen cars are incredibly popular in the UK, mostly due to their stylish aesthetic, fantastic performance and reliable German engineering. Manufacturing vehicles to meet a huge range of needs and tastes, such as the agile Volkswagen Golf to the free-and-easy VW Camper, the brand has plenty to offer buyers in the UK. So, why not sell up and see what you could get for your Volkswagen or upgrade to the latest model?

With, you can get a quick and simple online car valuation in under a minute. Looking to value or sell your car? Enter your number plate above for your FREE and instant online valuation!

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The Volkswagen Beetle is instantly recognisable due to its retro style and iconic shape. Based on the Volkswagen Golf, the Beetle drives well with a sturdy construction for a reliable and comfortable car. Choose between the classic hatchback and the convertible and whizz through the city streets in a UK favourite.

Are you selling your iconic Beetle? Get a free car valuation for your Volkswagen from our valuation calculator.

How to get a free car valuation for your Volkswagen

There are many ways to sell your car, but it all starts with a valuation. Motorists often want to find out how much their car is worth before they make the decision to sell or not. You can get your valuation in under 60 seconds by entering your number plate in the box above.

Here at, we offer a completely free, no obligation valuation of any car, from the comfort of your own home. Simply enter your number plate into our online valuation calculator and you can find out how much your Volkswagen could be worth in a matter of seconds. The tool provides an intelligent estimate based on the make of the car, how old it is, and any other information you provide with regards to its condition.

This valuation will last for 7 days, giving you plenty of time to take your car to a local branch for a thorough inspection from one of our experts who can provide an honest valuation of your Volkswagen.

Get your free valuation of your Volkswagen by entering your number plate into the car valuation calculator.

How can I sell my Volkswagen?

Are you looking for a quick and simple way to sell your Volkswagen? With, you could value your car and sell it the same day. No fuss, no hagglers and no time wasting! Sell my Volkswagen guide:

Have you been thinking lately, “how can I sell my Volkswagen”? With, you could value and sell your car the same day.
  • Enter your number plate into our car valuation calculator, answer a few questions relating to your vehicle’s condition and receive your free valuation instantly.
  • If you’re undecided on whether you want to sell, that’s ok, your value will be held for 7 days to give you plenty of time to figure it out.
  • If you find yourself thinking, “Yes, I want to sell my Volkswagen”, then you can book an appointment and meet one of our friendly branch managers at one of our 250+ branches throughout the UK.
  • If you decide you want to sell, you can proceed there and then and could receive the cash the same day.

Why should I sell my Volkswagen?

Volkswagens can be spotted all over UK roads, from a family-sized Golf estate to a Passat saloon for the everyday commute, to a small Polo for an affordable option. Their range is vast, so if you feel like it is time to upgrade your Volkswagen then there are plenty of models to choose from.

Unfortunately, cars gradually become less responsive and the speed in which they degrade will depend on the car’s life history and how well it has been treated. This is essentially why a car loses its value as time goes on, and it can often be worthwhile upgrading your vehicle before it loses too much value.

If you want to move on before your Volkswagen loses too much value, or you’re looking for something a bit more premium, then it could be time to sell your car. Get your free online valuation with today.

Selling your Volkswagen doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Sell it quickly to before it loses any more value.

What causes depreciation?

As you may know, the more a car is driven and the older it gets, it inevitably loses value. Three main influences that can cause depreciation are age, mileage and condition.

The age of your Volkswagen could have a big impact on how much you could sell it for. The older your car is the less it could be worth, and this is measured by the annual plate change. Every March and September a new reg is produced. For example, in March 2017, the new 17 number plate was released, and in September, 67 became the new reg. Each time a new number plate is released, your car becomes another plate older, and therefore, could be worth less money.

The mileage on the clock and the condition of the car often coincide with the age of the car, and consequently, could affect the car’s value. The higher the value and the more worn down the car is, then the more your Volkswagen could have depreciated.

Beat the inevitable and check out how much your car is worth with our online tool today.

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