Selling Your Car Privately - Ten Tips

If it's time to sell your car, you may well get more for your it by selling privately, however, this requires a great deal of time and effort. As well as the inevitable haggling with strangers, dealing with tyre-kickers, paying for adverts and waiting by the phone. Selling privately has the most personal risks, so here are our top-ten tips to help make sure that if you are selling privately - that you're going about it the right way.

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Be realistic

You can use our valuation tool to input the details of your car and get a free realistic valuation. Remember to consider your cars age, mileage and condition to ensure you get an accurate price.


The buyer will haggle

Be prepared for potential buyers to try to knock down the price and take this into account when setting your resale price.


The test drive

Always check the potential buyer has a driver’s licence, is insured for the test drive and never let them go alone!


The keys!

Don’t leave the potential buyer alone with the keys in the ignition- we don’t need to explain why!


Safety first

Never meet a potential buyer alone- ask someone to come with you and meet at a place familiar to you, for example, your home.


Proof of identity

Always ask the buyer for proof of identity- just to be on the safe side.


Paying with cash

Cash should be handed to you in a bank, so that the notes can be checked for forgeries and so that you can receive the payment immediately.



The cheque could be forged or stolen, so NEVER let a buyer take the car until the funds have reached your bank.


Online bank transfers

This is possibly the safest option, however again ensure that the funds are in your bank before the buyer takes the car.


Stick to your guns

Don’t under value your car! Buyers will haggle, so have your lowest price in mind and stick to it. If you think selling your car privately sounds like too much hassle, do it the quick and easy way with Enter your reg for your free online valuation today.

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