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At webuyanycar.com, we’ve revolutionised how people in the UK sell their cars. In fact, we have bought over 1 million cars in the last 10 years. Our goal is to make your lives easier by taking the hassle out of selling your car. The process we follow involves first using our speedy online car valuation tool to get a quote for your vehicle. If you’re happy with the quote, you then meet one of our friendly car experts at a time that suits you at one of over 200+ branches around the UK. There’s no obligation to sell either – you can decide to do whatever is best for you.

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Should I sell my car privately

Selling your car privately can be a long and arduous task

Selling your car privately may seem like a quick and simple solution to offloading your vehicle to a local buyer. However, as most sellers quickly find out, the process can be long, complicated and frustrating.

Firstly, there are often costs involved if you wish to advertise the car for sale, be it in local newspapers or with online car markets/exchanges. Not only does this take a bite out of the money you’d receive from the sale, but there’s also no guarantee of sale, potentially leaving you out of pocket and no closer to selling your car.

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Selling a car through part-exchange

Selling your car via part exchange can often result in a loss of value

Part-exchanging a car can understandably look like a great way to offload your previous vehicle during the process of purchasing a new one, but much like the private sale, there are downsides to selling your car via part-exchange.

Firstly, it’s common for car dealers to offer you a less-than-fair price for your old car during the part exchange process. The result is that the quote value is often less than you would receive when selling the car via other means. This is particularly true if you’re selling a car from a different manufacturer to a branded dealership, for example, part-exchanging a MINI at a Ford showroom. So finding your ideal next car and part-exchanging your last model could result in you losing a significant value in the exchange.

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At webuyanycar.com, we’ve made it our mission to make the car selling process as fast and convenient as possible; from our free online car valuation to our 200+ local UK branches, we aim to transform the way people sell their cars.

You can receive your online car valuation in under 60 seconds by entering your reg number into the box at the top of each page on our website and filling in a few basic details about the car. For a more accurate valuation, you may wish to enter more specific details regarding the history and condition of the car, such as any damage or mechanical issues.

With over 200 locations in the UK it takes an average of just 15 minutes to reach your local webuyanycar.com branch, and with the average appointment taking only 25 minutes, the whole process takes under an hour. That means you could value your car, head to your local branch and then sell the vehicle, all in under 60 minutes. Total convenience and speed, if you’re looking to sell your car fast!

To ensue you can sell your car to webuyanycar.com, you’ll need to get certain documents in order and bring them along to your appointment.

These documents allow us to cross-reference the paperwork with the information you entered during your online car valuation, and confirm how much your car is worth. Some of the documents are also essential for when the car then goes on to resale in future, ensuring that the eventual new owner will have all the information they need on the car’s past.

Here’s a simple checklist of items you should bring to your appointment when selling your car:

  • Your car
  • V5 Logbook/reg certificate
  • Service history and MOT certsd
  • Both sets of car keys
  • Bank details
  • Finance settlement letter – if applicable
  • Extras including wheel locking nut, security codes for radio etc.

And here’s a quick video about to expect at your webuyanycar.com appointment

You may not know that the value of a car can fluctuate throughout the year. While you’re generally better off selling as soon as possible to avoid car value depreciation based on age and usage, you may be able to get a better price for your car if you take advantage of seasonal price increases.

For example, sports cars and convertibles are often higher in demand on the approach to, and throughout Summer; conversely, all-weather vehicles such as 4x4s are more popular during winter months, and often fetch a better price at resale.

Holding out to make a sale in these cases could be beneficial but it’s also important to recognise that waiting too long could reduce the overall value of your car even further. Firstly, if you continue to use the vehicle excessively during the extra time you wait to sell, running up the mileage or increasing ‘wear and tear’ on the car, it will likely be worth less to the next owner.

Secondly, the annual ‘plate changes’ can also affect the value of a car, as the vehicle becomes a year older following the release of the updated plates. Be sure to look up when your car’s registration plates will become a year older, and opt to sell before then if possible so you can sell your car at its current age.

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