The Perfect Car

The body of a Lamborghini, an Alfa Romeo grille, with Honda alloy wheels – while our new study has unveiled the nation’s dream car, it doesn’t look a thing like you’d imagine.

We polled over 2,300 British motorists in an attempt to discover what makes their ‘perfect’ car, from badges, headlights and bonnets, to customisation, paints and modification. We asked about their favourite automotive elements to produce this electric blue four-wheel ideal.

And the survey, sprung a surprise - finding sleek sports car features, seemingly every man’s dream, were just as favoured as the comfort and practicalities of more everyday SUVs and hatchbacks. The design illustrates a higher driving position and traditional car door openings, which were preferred over lower suspension and sporty scissor, gullwing and suicide doors.

The body of the “perfect car” is based on Lamborghini’s newest SUV model, the Urus, with raised suspension and four-wheel drive.

It’s not all about comfort though as the sporty Audi R8 doors and Lamborghini Gallardo spoiler were voted as favourite parts in the poll and feature in the perfect car, alongside matte black trimmings, with Hyundai, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Honda components.

The dream motor was brought to life in a 3D render and blueprint which took several weeks to produce.

Our latest study also revealed the cash we’d spend when buying a new car, with Brits agreeing they would happily spend an additional £1,552, on average, on upgrades and add-ons.

Nearly half of the nation believe a personalised registration plate would make their motor perfect and over a third agree heated seats are a must for a cosy interior.

If engineering allowed, one in three would want their car to have the ability to fly while an equal number wish their motor could drive over any terrain. Just one in twenty wants their car to be able to work under water.

In typical British fashion, over half of pollers, said their ideal journey in this “perfect car” would be along winding, country lanes.

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