What is windscreen cover?

Last updated February 04, 2022

Windscreen cover is an additional level of cover you can add to your insurance policy, although it can sometimes be included as part of a fully comprehensive insurance policy. Cracked windscreens are a common issue where no one is at fault, therefore having windscreen cover may save you money in the long-term.

Whether windscreen cover is included as standard on your policy or if you’ve added it as an additional extra, it usually has a different excess to a standard claim and won’t affect your no-claims-discount (NCD). However, this may differ with each insurer and you should check your policy document to understand how claiming on windscreen cover will impact your NCD.

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When does a windscreen require replacement or just a repair?

The decision to repair or replace a windscreen is usually based on where on the windscreen the chip is and how big it is.

Windscreen repair technicians have zones for windscreens. The A zone is 290mm wide and is in the eyeline of the driver and must not have damage exceeding 10mm. The B zone is where the side windscreen wiper will reach up to, the damage can extend to 15mm and around the size of a 5p coin. Zone C is the area swept by windscreen wipers on the passenger side and the damage can be up to 25mm. Finally, D zone can withstand repairs up to 40mm, however, if it’s anything above the aforementioned measurements the entire windscreen would need to be replaced.

Risk involved in a damaged windscreen

There are several risks involved in not repairing a damaged windscreen quickly. Firstly, if you drive with a chip in your windscreen there is always the possibility for the chip to become more serious. What could have been a quick repair may then require a full windscreen replacement. Legally, driving with a cracked windscreen could mean you’re in violation of section 40 of the Road Traffic Act. Therefore, a windscreen crack can also prompt MOT failure.

The below steps can be taken to prevent windscreen damage:

  • The below steps can be taken to prevent windscreen damage:
  • If frost is forecast plan ahead and use a cover to protect your windscreen.
  • Always ensure your washer fluid and anti-freeze are topped up.
  • Replace windscreen wipers as soon as they begin to show signs or wear.