How do I save money on car insurance?

It’s no secret that car insurance premiums can be a little on the pricey side, but it is a mandatory expense if you want to drive. But why can it be so expensive? There are many factors that will affect how much you are charged and there are even more policies out there for you to choose from. So, what can you do to get the best car insurance for you without breaking the bank? Follow our guide to find out.


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What affects my car insurance?

  • Who’s driving the car

    The driver’s age, gender and experience will alter how much insurers charge you for their policies. If you are young and a new driver then you are amongst the ones that could get hit the hardest. The more experience you gain as a driver and the older you are often results in lower premiums. Even if it’s your first car at 25 your insurance will likely be lower than if you were getting it at 17.

  • Where you live

    Your location can affect the amount you will be charged for your car insurance. The safer the reputation of the area, the more likely it is that you will get a lower premium. However, if your area has high crime rates and suffers more break-ins and car accidents, then unfortunately, the price will increase through no fault of your own.

  • On road parking

    As well as the area in which you live, the space you park your car in can also have an effect on premiums. If you have a driveway, great! But if not, and you have to park on the road, the chance of your car being bumped increases, as do the chances of it being stolen. Consequently, your insurance policy will rise.

  • Type of car

    The car you own will be a big influence on how much your insurance is. Smaller cars tend to be cheaper to insure, whereas a large SUV can pile on the pounds. It will come as no surprise that powerful sports cars come with a hefty insurance price too. The added trims you put on your vehicle can also increase car insurance premiums, for example, a standard Ford Fiesta typically won’t have too heavy of an insurance policy cost, but as soon as you switch to an ST and add a spoiler and sports seats the price will go up. So, if you’re thinking your insurance is too high due to the type of car you own, have a think about switching to another model.


How can I get my insurance cheaper?


If you have a sports car, live in an area with a high crime rate, park on the road and it’s your first car at 17, you might be a little worried when you think about your insurance, but have no fear, there are still ways you can save on your car insurance. You may not be able to cut insurance premiums in half, but you may be able to save a few pounds here and there by taking a few of these tips on board.

  • Black box insurance

    Not many people like the black box because it does mean that your driving style is constantly being watched and the insurer will judge what you have to pay by the way you drive. The tracker installed with this policy ensures you keep to all speed limits. If you speed, the insurers will know about it, which will then have a negative effect on your policy, but if you stick to the rules, it will bring the cost down. They measure how well you drive by other factors too, including whether you often brake sharply and how well you take corners.

  • Safety features

    Securing your car as much as possible to deter people from breaking in or stealing it will have a positive effect on your insurance. If you haven’t been a victim of car crime, then insurers may feel confident that your car is safe. So, what can you do to improve your car’s safety? Installing modern security and car alarm systems is a great way to protect your car and bring down insurance premiums each year.

  • Protect your no claims

    If you haven’t had the need to claim in the last 5 years, then insurers may reward you with the option to protect your no claims bonus. It may seem annoying to add an extra cost when you’re trying to lower your premium, but if you haven’t protected your bonus and you need to claim, the next time you renew your car insurance will hit you hard as your premium could dramatically rise. Prevent being heavily out of pocket in the long run by selecting the small annual fee to protect your no claims bonus.

  • Voluntary excess

    Increasing what you pay if you have an accident (which you can get back if it wasn’t your fault) can lower your premium. But don’t increase it too much – you don’t want to get stung if you’re unfortunate and have to pay out.

  • Type of insurance

    You can choose the type of insurance you want depending on what you can afford. There are multiple types of insurance policies, some of the main ones include third party, third party, fire and theft, and comprehensive. But what do they all mean?

    • Third party: covers claims from others, for example, to fix the damage on their car but not your own.
    • Third party, fire and theft: covers claims from others, fire damage to your own vehicle and your car being stolen.
    • Comprehensive: covers all the above as well as accidental damage to your own car.
  • Correctly filled out policy

    Something as simple as filling out your form correctly will influence your policy. Tell them exactly what you use it for, for example, business or domestic, who’s going to be driving the car, the estimated annual mileage etc. If it turns out that you were misleading in your form and you need to claim, they may not pay out.

  • Enter an accurate car value

    When filling out your policy form don’t make the mistake of over estimating the value of your car; the more your car is worth the higher your premium could be. Cars depreciate over time and it’s important to know how much your car is worth now, opposed to how much you paid for it.

  • Drive carefully

    It goes without saying that you should drive safely, and we know accidents can be caused by other people too, but doing your best to avoid collisions and remain claim free will be good for your wallet in the long run when it comes to your insurance. Insurers don’t consider the finer detail of who’s at fault in an accident, if you’ve made a claim your next insurance policy will cost you much more.

  • Shop around

    Don’t just settle for the first insurance policy you find. Shop around and find the best one that suits your needs and your bank account. However, if you’re a home owner, using the same insurer as your house insurance can often strike you a deal so be sure to look into that too.


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