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Free Car Valuation by Number Plate

Looking for a quick car valuation, simply by entering your number plate? Look no further! Enter your number plate into the box below for a free car valuation in under 60 seconds!

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Number Plate Valuations – On the go!

Retrieving an accurate valuation for your car has never been easier, and with the handy webuyanycar.com mobile site you can now get a free car valuation by number plate at any time or place!

Get started by entering your number plate into the box above, then enter a few simple details such as the number of previous owners the car has had, the car’s mileage and the amount of service history you have for the vehicle, and you could receive your online valuation in under 60 seconds, simple!

How do you value my car by its number plate?

We’re pretty proud of our online number plate valuation tool, it’s a clever bit of tech! However, you may be wondering exactly how we are able to value your car by number plate, so let’s take a quick look behind the curtain and explore how the car valuation engine works!

  1. Identification


    Firstly, by entering your number plate into the box above, we’re usually able to identify your vehicle’s make, model and year of manufacture. You’ll see a confirmation screen appear which confirms the make and model of your car, as well as a few other elements such as the vehicle’s colour and engine size. If this is correct (it almost always is!), you’ll then move on to the next part of the valuation process; if not, you can manually enter the vehicle’s make and model details, and then move on to the next step.
  2. Top-level details


    Next, we’ll collect a few simple details including the number of previous owners the car has had, the amount of service history you have for the vehicle and its total mileage. This allows us to refine and adjust the final valuation, giving you a more accurate price based on how each of these factors affects the resale value of the car. Our engine assumes by default that your car is in ‘like new’ condition unless you enter more specific details; so to get the most accurate valuation, enter as much detail on the car’s condition as possible on our change assumptions page after you have received your valuation.
  3. Contact details


    Next, we ask for a few simple details about you, such as your name (so we can say hi!), your mobile number so we can send you any valuation updates by text, and your postcode, so we can show you which webuyanycar.com branches are nearest to you. You might not be thinking about selling your car right now, but it doesn’t hurt to know where your nearest branches are, for when the time does come.
  4. Receive your free car valuation by number plate


    That’s your bit done, next our number plate car valuation tool will do all of the fancy calculations, using market value data for your vehicle combined with the details you entered on the car’s condition, age and so on to produce your online car valuation. Once you have your number plate valuation, you can opt to book an appointment at your local webuyanycar.com branch to discuss selling your car with one of our friendly branch managers.
  5. Selling your car


    If you’re looking to sell your car, you can do so at a time and place that’s convenient for you; with over 300 branches across the UK and appointments available throughout the day and evening, you can use our appointment booking screen to choose when you’d like to come and see us. You can find more details on how the process works when selling your car to webuyanycar.com here.

FREE instant online car valuation

Enter your number plate

Can I value any car by number plate?

Are you looking to value your car? Enter your number plate into our car valuation tool and receive your value in under a minute.

In theory, yes. You can value any car you know the number plate details of, however, it’s unlikely that you will receive an accurate valuation if you don’t have additional details on the car’s condition, age, service history, mileage and so on.

To value another car by number plate (for example, if you’re valuing a car for a relative or friend), then it’s best to collect the additional details we require to provide a valuation. These include:

  • Mileage
  • Number of previous owners
  • Available service history
  • Inclusive features such as satellite navigation systems and leather seats
  • Details on the car’s condition

Will my number plate valuation change?

Your car’s value decreases every day, get your number plate valuation by entering your reg into the valuation calculator.

Over time, a car’s value tends to fluctuate and often decreases due to the effects of age depreciation.

However, you’ll be pleased to know that we give our customers a 7-Day Guarantee on their car valuations, meaning that as long as your vehicle is in the condition you stated it was in on the website, you’ll receive the same price for your car at your appointment as you did online, regardless of any fluctuations in the car’s market value.

Can I value a car with a private number plate?

Enter your private number plate into our car valuation calculator and find out how much your car is worth.

Yes, our engine allows users to enter a private number plate and receive a free online car valuation just the same as any other user.

As long as the number plate in question is registered and identified by the DVLA, you can simply enter your registration number into the box above and proceed to receive a free car valuation by number plate.

Get your valuation in 60 seconds!

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FREE instant online car valuation

Enter your number plate