Thinking of selling your car privately?

So you're thinking of selling your car privately? Going down this route may well get you slightly more for your car, however this comes at a price: haggling with strangers, dealing with tyre-kickers, paying for adverts and waiting by the phone.

Our research has shown that it can take on average 34.5 days to sell your car privately. That's 34.5 days of hassle and hard work for something that could be so simple! Our simple 3 step process means that you can get a guaranteed sale - whatever make, model, age or condition in just a few simple steps.

Private sale can be a slow process

The world is now a faster place, but not when it comes to selling a car! Private sale can take up to 34.5 days of your precious time. Watch this handy video for the full story.


Find out exactly what to look out for when buying a new car

If you're going to buy your car privately, our car expert Rich Evans explains exactly what to look out for to make sure that you don’t get ripped off. 


Avoid the hassle of private sale

Linn explains how saved her from the hassles of private sale. 


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