Thinking of part exchanging your car?

Think again.

When you're thinking of changing your car, part exchange may seem like a quick and convenient way of getting rid of an old car and getting a new one to drive home in. It may be an easy option, however this can be reflected in the price that you're offered for your car.

With part exchange you are tied into buying and selling with the same dealer.

What most people don’t realise, is that the dealer sees the part exchange as one transaction.

So the more they are able to offer you on your part exchange, the less discount they are able to offer you on your new car.

In other words, you may get a lower price than if you sold the car individually.

Because the two sets of the process are seen as one, as a buyer, you don’t have the freedom to negotiate and get the best possible deal.

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Part exchanging when taking out a car on PCP or lease...


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