Negotiation Guide

Buying a new or used car?

Negotiating doesn’t come naturally to us Brits. Maybe that’s down to our renowned politeness and ‘sense of fair play.’ In reality, however, a good negotiation is the only way to find the true value of something, especially when it comes to buying a vehicle.

That’s why we’ve set up the Car Maintenance Advice hub that gives car buyers the tools to haggle with confidence and potentially save thousands of pounds on their next car.

Here you’ll find in depth advice and 4 expert video tutorials by a psychologist, retail analyst, car expert and a financial expert. But there are a few basics we thought we’d include in this leaflet to give you a quick tas

The Art of Negotiation

To make sure you’re armed with all the skills and the confidence you need to negotiate like a natural and save yourself money on your next car, see what each of our experts advise below:

How to Change a Tyre Psychologist How to Change Windscreen Wipers Retail Analyst How to Check and Refill Oil Financial Advisor Jump Starting a Car Car Expert

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