Are you a Super Car or an Old Banger? What your Car Says About you

Are you a Super Car or an Old Banger? What your Car Says About you

You can never, apparently, judge a book by its cover – but you can, quite clearly, judge a person by the type of car they drive. And before anyone protests that they would never, ever, be so judgemental, I have one simple question: “What are your thoughts on BMW drivers?”

No further questions, your honour.

Is it really such a closed case though? Let’s have a look at what the car you drive says about you…

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You are what you drive?

Last year, conducted a survey of almost 2,000 UK residents and found that over half (57%) of people believe the type of car someone drives affects their attractiveness. The results show that a decent set of wheels makes them more attractive than a decent job (21% preferred this), confidence (19%), intelligence (17%) and even a common interest (just 11%).

And it gets worse for all those relationship-seekers who knock about in a battered Fiat Punto – of those who a car did impact on how attractive a person was, more than a quarter (26%) said they would use this as a measure of whether to start a relationship with the owner of the vehicle.

So, while we’re all in the mood for casting aspersions, here’s a little tongue-in-cheek ‘driving horoscope’.

What if…

…you drive an SUV?

You like to be in charge and you like people to know you like to be in charge. You’re also quite sporty, and you like people to know about it – so much so, you still use an old-fashioned camera to take pictures of yourself skydiving and windsurfing just so you can get them developed at Boots and impress the staff there.

…you drive a convertible?

This says you’ve reached a stage in life whereby you’ve both the money and the inclination to be able to enjoy it as much a possible. Unless you have young children, then it’s a midlife crisis.

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…you drive a crossover?

You’re almost certainly a parent, possibly a female parent – a crossover is perfect for doing the school run and the big shop without being as cumbersome as a proper 4X4. If you have a crossover but not a child though, you seriously need to question your choice in cars.

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…you drive a supercar?

You likely own more than one house, probably in more than one country, and have a wine cellar – or maybe a nightclub if wine isn’t your thing. And even though your car insurance costs more than the GDP of an Eastern European nation, that’s small change compared to the amount you’ve racked up in parking fines.

…you drive an executive saloon?

First impressions are that you’re a rep, a travelling salesman who spends the majority of time on the highways and byways of the UK trying to flog your wares to unenthusiastic clients. In reality though, you could be the most in-the-know motorist on the road – in plumping for a car that combines practicality, performance and relatively low insurance costs, you’ve pretty much won at motoring.

The trouble is, you’re the only one that knows this.

…a retro model?

The new-wave of retro models should be great news for anyone who has ever owned a classic as they combine quirky good looks with modern day performance. The trouble is, every retro model on the market has been hijacked by yummy-mummies and no self-respecting male driver could ever get behind the wheel of a new Beetle (although the latest models are far less girly than ever) or Fiat 500 – unless, of course, the other-half has taken the kids out in the SUV.

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