Unusual Sights at Polling Stations

Unusual Sights at Polling Stations

Have you placed your vote yet? Brits are turning up to polling stations in some rather weird and wacky ways, and it’s not just the voters either, there are some odd polling stations around the country too.

We’re rounding up some of the funniest sights at today’s polls.

If this little guy can get there in time to vote, then so can you.

Forget #dogsatpollingstations, all animals are showing their support.

Make sure you vote, even if it means taking part in an episode of Top Gear.

A caravan being used as a polling station on Grange Farm in Galthorpe, Leicestershire.

All the horsepower you need to place your vote today.

A man turns up on a horse to a polling station to vote.

Remember when people had to vote in a Ford Galaxy?

In May this year, voters in Moray, Scotland were unable to access a locked polling station.

Make sure you choo choose the right candidate.

A polling station inside an old carriage at Leeming Bar station, Yorkshire.




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